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AI Success Story: UPMC

UPMC used Squark to generate high-margin revenue by targeting the right people, at the right time with the the right message, leading to:

  • 99% increase in response rate (from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 75)
  • 1 day of work; down from 6 months
  • 50% incremental revenue lift
Forbes: UPMC using Squark AutoML

“We’ve seen positive movement from the agents we’ve put in place and out the output from them. Invest in the technology that helps you get closer to your goals.

-VP of Global Strategy and Success

AI Agents that Do Data Science for You on Your Existing Data

Realize the Power of just Some of Squark’s AI Agent Use Cases for Non-Profits and For-Profits

Identify Customers

Identify Donors and Customers

    Increase Revenue and Donations: Squark finds the signals in your existing data to pinpoint what decisions to make and actions to take to grow profitable revenue and donations.

> Find Donors and Customers

Predict LTV

Forecast & Predict Revenue and KPI's

    Accurate time series forecasting and advanced regressions help you create accurate forecasts forCAC, donations, LTV, NRR, and more, using the data you already have!

> Predict CAC & LTV

Increase Response and Find New Segments for Personalizing Offers

    Tailor Conversion Paths: Squark scores the probability of conversion and what to offer, when, and why to close the deal.

> Convert Prospects Now

Upsell & Retain Loyal Donors and Customers

    Create Joy and Retain Revenue: Squark alerts you to revenue risk and highlights where to focus and when to keep your donors and customers happy and engaged.

> Retain Now

Squark's AI Agents are:

Easy to Use and Powerful.

Proven Highly-Accurate and Fair

Fast, Explainable & Reponsible AI

Enterprise Scalable and Secure

Deeply integratable via APIs, Microservices, or Model Code Export.

Industry Solutions
Direct-to-Consumer Icon

Learn how Squark helps non-profits optimize donor engagement, campaign performance, and retention.

SaaS Icon

SaaS, Media, & Entertainment
Boost subscriber retention, enhance personalization, and maximize revenue with AI-insights and predictions.

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Direct to Consumer
Drive conversion & LTV by identifying high-value consumers, personalizing marketing , & optimizing sales.

“Using Squark generated increased revenue and reduced cost.”

“Low-code / no-code tools, like Squark, are needed to simply run a business, and they are required to innovate.”

"Powerful, Transformative Software."

Squark is a no-code AI as a Service platform that helps data-literate business users make better decisions with their data. Squark is used across a variety of industries & use cases to uncover AI-driven insights from tabular and textual data, prioritize decisions, and take informed action. The Squark platform is designed to be easy to use, accurate, scalable, and secure.

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