Squark AI Reveals Your Future

Automated Machine Learning Transforms Insights into Action Plans

“Squark’s data science chops create good models that you can use to quickly
turn data into models and score new data right in the same spreadsheet.” 

The Forrester New Wave™: Automation-Focused Machine Learning Solutions, Q2 2019

Squark AutoML changes decision making forever.

Predictions in minutes with clicks, not code.
AI accessible to all, with no data scientists needed.

Make a big prediction for free. Ask how.

Bring your curiosity and receive valuable results. Attack one of your critical use cases on us.

Begin Predicting Your Future Now

Optimize Revenue

Find the best prospects. Reduce churn. Increase cross-sell and up-sell. Minimize risk. Squark Seer AutoML intrinsically sees patterns and insights invisible to conventional data analysis tools.

Cut Costs

Identify high-overhead customers. Optimize support resources. Capture best practices. Squark AutoML excels at popping answers where coding “if-then-else” logic is just too complicated and time-consuming to be practical.

Reduced Risk

Rank your opportunities by loss risk. Alert on equipment problems before failures. Evaluate hiring candidates by potential. Replace guesswork with sound predictions that explain how underlying factors are weighted.

Exceed Goals

See clearly what your competitors miss. Sell to the best prospects. Avoid time wasted on dead ends. Be the clairvoyant force in your industry by spotting trends and making moves before others know what happened.

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How Squark Makes AI Work For Business Analysts

Squark® was built to empower business people by enabling them to use the latest, state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.  We like to say “it’s as easy a spreadsheet” because we designed it to work like Excel, Google Analytics, and your browser.  We encapsulate the entire data science process into a few clicks, doing the work of a team of data scientists by trying different configurations, models, and algorithms to surface the best one for your data.  Then you simply use the results.

If you are really curious about the inner workings, get in touch. We can talk about gradient boosting machines, distributed random forests, deep learners, extremely randomized trees, XGBoost, and generalized linear models as much as you want. After all, by making predictions with Squark you’ll save enough time to chat.


Predict what will happen next using either binary or multi-class analysis. Example Use Case: Predict which leads will become prospects; which customers will buy; which ads will draw.


Forecast and optimize next period values. Example Use Case: Optimize price distribution, response rates, and revenue.

How to Squark Your Predictions

Pick Your Challenges

If you could predict the future accurately, which would be your burning questions? Bring your use cases to Squark and let’s get started.

Login and Go

No friction. Squark is a SaaS application with no implementation overhead. Monthly and annual plans are available to fit your budget. Produce AI-driven action plans in days, not months.

Connect Data and Run

To unleash AutoML, upload or select training data from BI. Run your data sets against the models. View results. It’s that simple

Be AI-Driven

Squark AutoML transforms the way you work. Accurate predictive analytics are now fast enough to power today’s rapid cycles. See predictions in minutes and automate with integrations to other systems.

See how Squark Seer works in a 30-minute, online session scheduled at a time convenient for you.