Winning Companies Trust Squark to Provide Profitable Customer Insights


Business Value

Differentiating Features


  • Visual, no code connectors make data integration easy and fast.

  • Extend your existing investments in data and analytics by simply connecting Squark.

  • Whether clicking to connect or using our API or advanced integrations, Squark scales to the biggest data on down to the smallest.

    Ease of Use

    • Squark is an automated, no code, AI predictive analytics platform.

    • No setup, no configuration, no complex templates needed, just connect or upload the data you’re looking at right now and go!

    • Squark was built for the business user, not for the data scientist.


    • Understand how Squark arrived at each prediction based upon data.

    • Discover what data is impacting your prediction and what data is not.

    • Transparency provides clarity and context to help you make confident decisions from your data and predictions.


    • Run your data in near real-time and as many times as you’d like.

    • Use the latest information and most updated model to create accurate predictions.

    • Run different, iterative customer insight projects to get a comprehensive view of your customers’ next step.

    Product Highlights


    Forecast everything and anything. From campaign conversions, to pipeline and bookings, churn, and more! Act on predicted future data to take advantage of opportunities and derisk accounts in jeopardy for attrition.

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    Product/Service Recommendations & Promotions:

    Use your everyday historic data to align upsells, cross sells, and new products and services to those customers or prospects who are more likely to purchase. Don’t waste your team’s time on accounts that aren’t likely to convert.

    Customer Scoring & Data Attribution:

    Understand the likelihood of a customer action whether it’s converting for a particular promotion or campaign, to predicting the likelihood of a particular customer or account churning. Attribute which data sets are most impacting your outcome or prediction. Knowing what data is affecting your outcome or prediction allows you to make quick decisions to create a better and more profitable customer journey.

    “Using Squark generated increased revenue and reduced cost.”

    "Powerful, Transformative Software."

    Uncover and Action Your Customer Insights With Us

    A better experience for your customers and more wins for your team.
    You’ll be running predictions in minutes.

    Squark is a no code predictive analytics SaaS that automatically analyzes business data you work with every day to predict customer outcomes, uncover new opportunities, and mitigate risk. It is a simple and easy to use no code AI software that doesn’t require data science nor technical expertise. Confidently use clicks to command Squark’s no code data science. Make informed decisions about what your customers will do next to increase your business impact and deliver a better customer journey.

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