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AI Changed Dramatically in Only 9 Months

Productive uses for AI are closer at hand than ever due to the rise of AutoML. Beginning in 2019, advancements in AI have replaced obstacles with tools to benefit from its power. Foremost among them is Automated Machine Learning (AutoML), which does not require programming or scripting of any kind. Here are some examples. Business Analysts“AI is […]


Why AI for Marketing and Sales?

Follow the money to see why marketing and sales are the most common applications for AI. Instant PaybackSmall improvements in marketing and sales can produce large returns quickly. Think of the impact of gaining a few percentage points on lead conversions, forecast accuracy, content targeting, and ad performance. Knowing which customers will buy, what they will buy, […]


Machine Learning vs. Statistics

Statistics and machine learning differ in method and purpose. Which is superior depends upon your goals. Statistics is a subset of mathematics that interprets relationships among variables in data sets. Statisticians make inferences and estimate values based solely on data collected during a specific period, a rearward-looking view. Understanding how data was collected and the distributions […]