Predictive Analytics Powers Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is where long-term value is created. One purchase one time by one customer is good, many purchases over time is better. Traditional loyalty marketing has largely been descriptive. You segment based on what’s happened. You create rules based on what you know. But let’s face it, customer data is constantly changing, just like their preferences. It’s hard to keep up when the data is larger than a spreadsheet. It’s hard to deliver loyalty with so many systems. That’s where no code predictive analytics comes in to save the day.  Predictive analytics can help power your customer loyalty programs and improve by the customer experience by

  1. Connecting to your data.  Business users can use drag and drop to connect to visual workflows that ingest the relevant data.
  2. Selecting what you want to predict.  Familiar like Excel, simply clicking to identify what you want to predict with no complexity.
  3. Letting a machine do the hard work to predict.  By automating the application of leading-edge principles automatically, no code automates the entire process of learning from data, scoring predictions in new data, and explaining why.

No code predictive analytics does the work of a team of data scientists, in minutes, with no code. In clicks your data is automatically connected, prepared, engineered, learned from, scored, explained, and activated. You don’t need to make a request to your data science team. No form to submit to the center of excellence. You and your team are empowered to deliver prediction such as:

  1. Early prediction of customer lifetime value (CLV) than ever before. Reduce cost by maximizing who you talk to first and when by predicting CLV and understanding what generates this value.
  2. More accurate churn models with today’s data. Life moves fast. Your customers move faster. It’s Covid time, too. Stale data in random models created eons ago by data scientists don’t work anymore, if they ever did. Do more “do” now, and do it better with no code.
  3. Future best offer beats next best offer. Next best is an old hat. Try on the new hat with future best offer. Learn what offer to send when and in what order from all your offers across all channels on a one to one basis.

No code predictive analytics powers your customer loyalty programs. Think of it as the sea-change in the way marketing actions are identified, understood, explained, and actioned. Squark is the tide that shifts the sands of loyalty, which if you take at its flood can result in great business fortune. See a demo of tomorrow’s marketing future today.

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Squark is a no-code predictive analytics SaaS that automatically analyzes business data you work with every day to predict customer outcomes, uncover new and unforeseen business opportunities, and mitigate risk. It is a simple and easy-to-use AI software that doesn’t require data science nor technical expertise.  In a matter of clicks, make confident, data-backed decisions about what your customers will do next and understand why to increase your business impact. 

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