Artificial Intelligence vs. Augmented Intelligence

What is the difference between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Intelligence?

Hint: It is a partnership

Artificial Intelligence vs. Augmented Intelligence. You may have heard both of these terms and wondered if they are the same thing or distinct concepts with different meanings and uses. Let’s break it down and understand the relationship between the two, starting with their definitions:

Artificial Intelligence is a term that has been around and commonly used for decades. It refers to the computer systems patterned after human intelligence in their ability to learn and recognize so that previously unseen information can be acted on in ways that produce useful results.

Augmented Intelligence is a less commonly used term, but has been gaining popularity in recent years. It refers to the human-centered partnership of people and artificial intelligence. Human intelligence and artificial intelligence work together to enhance cognitive performance, including learning, decision-making, and new experiences. 

In other words, human intelligence leveraging the capabilities are artificial intelligence results in augmented intelligence. The key component there is the human directing, adjusting, and focusing the elements of artificial intelligence to achieve the desired results.

Automated data science tools, like Squark, augment the human intelligence of your data and analysis teams with artificial intelligence’s speed and learning capabilities, detecting the patterns that lead to outcomes a human brain may miss on its own. The team selects the use case and data and can trigger different algorithms to compare results and insights.

Takeaway: Artificial Intelligence enhances human intelligence, and the result is augmented intelligence, improving the capabilities of your existing team to get to the results faster and with more confidence.

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