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Are CMOs Wrong About Data Science Skills Gaps?

Chart Source: The CMO Club, Feb. 2020 In this February 2020 survey, The CMO Club asked it members, “What are the most critical skill gaps in your organization? Select up to 3.” 78% chose Data Science, the top answer. The reason is clear. Data science knowledge is seen as indispensable to predictive marketing—the key to […]

What is Predictive Marketing?

Do You Even Need Predictive Marketing? It comes down to insights versus actions. Predictive Marketing is the umbrella term encompassing processes that rely on AI and machine learning to drive actions with accurate predictions. This is in contrast to traditional marketing, which has been built on descriptive and diagnostic processes. Traditional Analysis Business questions are formulated […]

AI Predictive Marketing in Reach for Analysts

Predictive marketing is the practice of anticipating your prospects’ next moves in order to improve customer journeys, increase satisfaction, and to build sustainable, profitable revenue streams. For example, optimized cross selling, content personalization, message timing, and ad effectiveness measurement demand accurate predictive analyses. The advent of practical AI and machine learning has made these tasks […]

Learn AutoML for Free

Right now, we all need new ways to approach work, education, and creativity. Squark is contributing by offering everyone free access. This is a perfect time to explore the ways AI and Machine Learning can improve your world. Learn Something New For all the buzz about Automated Machine Learning, only single digits percentages of those […]

Churn Prediction in Salesforce Simplified – An Action Guide

Use this guide to learn how machine learning can predict which customers are at risk of switching to a different vendor, and why. A real-life example will highlight the motives for employing machine learning to make churn predictions and the results that were achieved. Step-by-step instructions are provided for use at your organization, without the […]

Codeless AI Transformative for Direct Mail Agencies

Codeless AI leverages agencies’ strengths to drive hyper-personalization of direct mail. The results are significant uplifts in campaign effectiveness  with large reductions in costs. The Business Challenge: Achieve marketing program objectives while reducing costs. In case you think those glory days of direct mail are over, consider this: Direct mail is a nearly $50 billon […]

How to Pick AutoML Use Cases

Hint: Focus on key performance indicators. Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) can help you make better and more timely decisions by detecting signals in data that would be impossible to see with conventional analysis. To make the most of this power to see the future, attack your most important performance indicators. Remember that AutoML delivers specific, […]

AutoML vs. Data Scientists

A little respect is due—in both directions. Can Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) beat serious data scientists in producing accurate predictions? People who understand data science and programming deeply, when armed with all the tools and computer resources and time they need, are nearly always able to produce better models than generalized, self-programming AutoML systems. There […]

How “Auto” Is That AutoML?

Some AutoML systems are more automatic than others. AutoML stands for Automated Machine Learning, meaning streamlining the end-to-end process of solving problems with machine learning. Steps that need to be automated include: Data Preparation (type and dependency) Feature Engineering Model Algorithm Selection Training Hyperparameter Tuning Model Evaluation Production Processing and Deployment In practice, there is […]