Data Science for the Metaverse
Data Science for the Metaverse

Is your business ready for the metaverse? Is your marketing team prepared to serve those customers? How do segments differ and overlap from your customers in the physical world?  If you’re asking yourself those questions, that’s a good start. If

Time Series Forecasting
Time Series Forecasting Using Your Historical Data

Time series forecasting is one of the easier business use cases of machine learning and AI for people to understand. Just think about your 401k. Time series forecasting can take the historical performance of your 401k and predict the values

Do More with the Benefits of AutoML
The Benefits of AutoML

In our last post about machine learning, we went over what MLOps is and touched on the benefits. In this post, we go deeper into the benefits of automated machine learning (AutoML). A Go-To Tool for the Technology Stack: AutoML 1.

Predictive Analytics Use Cases for DTC
The Top 5 Predictive Analytics Use Cases for DTC Brands

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brands have been on the rise for the past several years, their adoption accelerating with the pandemic. With their plethora of customer data and an inclination toward adopting the latest technologies, some have been earlier adopters and beneficiaries

Buy-In for a No-Code Predictive Analytics Solution
How to Get Buy-In for a No-Code Predictive Analytics Tool

You’re sold. You understand the value of a no-code predictive analytics tool. You can check all the boxes on the Are You Ready for a Predictive Analytics Solution checklist. Now you need to get stakeholder buy-in across departments. We’ve got

Supply Chains are Innovating with AI
How Supply Chains are Innovating with AI and the Metaverse

Recently we’ve all heard and felt the effects of the supply chain issues. Issues have been growing with the increased demand of e-commerce businesses and exacerbated by Covid-19. Fortunately, supply chain management companies aren’t waiting for the issues to resolve

Responsible AI
What is Responsible AI?

The potential of AI to improve people’s lives, both personally and professionally, is enormous. However, there is also a concern about possible inadvertent or negative impacts, which is why Squark is committed to the practices of responsible AI in the

Time Series Forecasting for Marketers
The Power of Time Series Forecasting for Marketers

When marketers hear “predictive analytics,” the first use case that typically comes to mind is identifying the customers most likely to buy. That is a great one, it drives efficiency, conversions, and revenue, but it isn’t the only capability. There

What is MLOps and Why Does it Matter?
What is MLOps and Why Does it Matter?

MLOps combines the terms machine learning and DevOps and stands for Machine Learning Operations. It is a set of practices that aim to not only deploy but maintain machine learning models in production reliably and efficiently. It is a core

How to Build Trust in AI
Building Trust in AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not the future; it is already here. It is in your pocket, car, television, shopping experiences, and more and more in the automated workflows for businesses. But even as AI is becoming more prevalent, some people

Turning Churn into Customer Retention
Start Turning Churn into Customer Retention with No-Code AI

Decisions are hardly ever random. Whatever drove your customer to decide to part ways with your company likely didn’t happen that day or even that week. The patterns are hidden in your existing data. When you identify the patterns, you

Data Insights
AI is More than Predictions, It’s Data Insights

Predictions give you future outcomes; data insights show you the roadmap to getting there. The right AI prediction tool, the one with layers of explainable AI, can provide you with both. From Your Historical Data to Future Outcomes & Insights

No-Code AI for Executives
What No-Code AI Means for Executives

What Does No-Code AI Mean for Executives? Unlocked access, for business units, to the power of AI and machine learning. Teams and individuals are able to build their own projects in clicks. All features of data ingestion, data prep, feature

time-date data
How to Get More from Your Time(stamps)

“We must use time as a tool, not as a couch.” – President John F. Kennedy While this quote came from a speech made to the National Association of Manufacturers in 1961 and wasn’t talking about using timestamps but rather

Are You Ready for a Predictive Analytics Solution?
Are You Ready for a Predictive Analytics Solution?

Download a copy to keep. 5 Questions to Ask Yourself & Your Team Predictive Analytics and AI are hot topics in the analytics and marketing worlds right now. Those who have been early adopters are seeing great success, but how

Do you know BERT?
Do You Know BERT?

In the world of AI and predictive analytics, BERT isn’t a person but a machine learning, open source framework for Natural Language Processing (NLP). BERT, which stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, is designed to help computers understand the

Create Room in Your Budget
A Predictive Analytics Tool Can Create Room in Your Budget

Yes, software services cost money, and there are some expensive options, but hear us out because we’re confident that the right tool predictive analytics tool can create room in your budget.  First, a refresher for those who need it, predictive

AI Improves the Lives of Data-Driven Marketers
How AI Improves the Lives of Data-Driven Marketers

Nearly every department (Sales, Customer Success, Operations, Marketing, etc.) has become data-driven over the past couple of decades as new ways of collecting, processing, and visualizing data have emerged, but the marketing group is one of the standouts as they

The Data Scientist Unicorn
The Data Scientist Unicorn Doesn’t Exist

Squark recently hosted a fireside chat with esteemed AI industry expert (and Squark advisor) Dr. Tom Davenport and Squark Co-CEO/Co-Founder Judah Phillips, “What Executives Need to Know About AI and ML in 2022 with Tom Davenport.” Among the many points

Citizen Data Scientist
The Citizen Data Scientist

It is possible that you already have a citizen data scientist on your team, even if they aren’t formally recognized as such. This group of people has been slowly growing in numbers since the term was first coined in 2016,

Decision Analytics
What is Decision Analytics?

According to a 2021 Gartner study, 65% of decisions made are more complex (involving more stakeholders or choices) than they were two years ago. The challenge is, the growing rate of complexity is unsustainable without a way to process the ever

NLP to Understand the Text in Your Business
Use NLP to Understand the Impact of the Text in Your Business

What is NLP?  NLP stands for Natural Language Processing. NLP is used to understand the impact of the text, words, and phrases in your business data. It is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) where computers learn to understand words

Eliminate Ineffective Marketing
Predictive AI Can Help You Eliminate Ineffective Marketing

As the famous marketing statement supposedly said by the Philadelphia retailer John Wanamaker goes, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”  Had predictive AI been around, he wouldn’t have been

Light the Load of Data Scientists
Lighten the Load of Data Scientists & Empower Analysts

“I’ll never find enough data scientists or have enough budget to hire enough people to quell the demand that we have and so thinking more and more about opportunities to create, through technology augmentation, that would allow other folks in

AI to determine the next action
Predictive AI Helps You Determine the Next Action in Business

Eliminate guessing about what your customer is likely to do next and refine your next action to focus on the items that will drive the business. Knowing what your customer is likely to do next – and why – helps

Explainable AI Reports
Explainable AI: Determining what data influences your KPIs

How many times have you asked yourself and your team, “which of my data is most important to each of my KPIs?” Aligning Your KPIs and Data Take, for example, the concept of customer lifetime value (CLTV) – an important

Supervised vs. Deep Learning
Supervised vs. Deep Learning in Your AI Platform

What is the difference between supervised vs. deep learning? The type of data you have will determine what AI/machine learning algorithms will best work for you – unless you have a tool that automatically adjusts to the best model for

No-Code AI easy-to-use
No-Code AI Is As Easy-To-Use And Powerful As You Hope It Is

‘AI is not going to replace managers, but managers who use AI are going to replace those who don’t.’ – Deborah Leff, former CTO for data science and AI at IBM. That quote probably sounded intimidating when it was said

Marketing with AI Prediction
Marketing with AI Prediction: The Next Frontier

Most marketers don’t manage with prediction, even the data-driven ones. That is changing with automated data science that leverages no-code AI technology. The technology puts the power of cutting-edge machine learning algorithms in the hands of marketers with just a

AI for Healthcare Marketing
AI for Healthcare Marketing: Are You Ready for It?

Hospitals spend over 2.9 billion dollars on healthcare marketing in a given year. If you include pharmacies, health insurance, physical therapy, and other forms of healthcare, that number gets bigger.  It’s safe to say that healthcare marketing is big business.

Models Improve Over Time
How Machine Learning Models Improve Over Time

It’s all about the training data. Machine learning our automated machine learning (autoML) models improve over time. You’ve probably read this in an article or heard someone say a version of this fact at a conference or on a podcast.

AI Business Value in Healthcare - Joy
The Business Value of AI for Healthcare Providers

The healthcare industry continues to adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and practices to improve patient outcomes in more equitable, affordable ways. Those who have already made the leap are seeing some incredible results quickening the pace of adoption.  According to

Santa Predictive Analytics
Squark for Santa Claus: Saving Christmas One Predictive Score at a Time

Santa’s Chief Data Elfficer contacted Squark over Telegram yesterday.  Santa’s Workshop needed help identifying who was naughty or nice this year.  Santa’s list keeps growing and the elves are collecting more data than ever through the IoT devices, like Elf

The State of the Gaming Industry Going into 2022

Squark’s Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Dan Hess, spoke with Gaming Industry expert Michael Vorhaus, CEO of Vorhaus Advisors, about the state of the gaming industry. How did the gaming industry get here, where it is going, and how innovative tools are

Judah Phillips Views on No-Code Predictive Analytics

This interview originally appeared in The Sequence, a newsletter curated by industry insiders. Challenging field of predictive analytics and the future of data science ? Intro / Judah Phillips Tell us a bit about yourself. Your background, current role and how

Running the Same Data Set with Different Results? Here’s Why.

Excellent sleuthing. Whether you are using Squark’s tool or another automated data science platform that uses machine learning, you will notice that sometimes you can run the same data set, and different results are produced. This isn’t an error. It

Squark API: Two Way Data Flow
Squark Releases a Public API to Automate ML Ops & Connect Data Sources End to End

Squark Release a Public RESTful API for Enterprise Customers to Connect and Power AI across Systems Today, Squark released a RESTful API that enables deep control over functions in Squark.  Squark’s API enables coders to call each discrete operation in

Squark for PE Firms: Use AI to Scale Investment Portfolios

Private Equity (PE) firms are excellent at building economies of scale in their portfolio companies and across their portfolios.  Scale is what creates value in PE because scale eliminates redundancies, reducing cost, and increasing margin.  ROI, thus, often demands scale.

Automated Time Series Analysis: Forecasting with No Code Machine Learning

Automated time series is now available from Squark.  What is that, you ask?  It is a forecast of future values over time generated from past data.  Think of how the price changes every day for your favorite stock. Time-series forecasting

Why You're Ready for Predictive Insights
Think You’re Not Ready for Predictive Insights? 5 Reasons Why You Are

Think you’re not ready for a predictive insights software, here are 5 reasons you may believe it’s not a fit when in actuality, it’s the optimal time to start implementing it in your department or company. The biggest misstep one

The Next Step in Predictive Analytics: Predictive Customer Insights
The Next Step in Predictive Analytics: Explainable Predictive Customer Insights

You may have figured out how to uncover specific data points that are relevant to driving your department KPIs and/or business.  You may have wielded those into forecasts, projections, or even data-backed predictions to help carry your business forward, allowing

Squark No Code Predictive Analytics for Financial Services

Know Your Customers. Maximize AUM. Reduce Risks. Financial Services customers use Squark to manage risks and rewards. We work with leading financial services firms with digital transformation initiatives where advanced analytics around customers, assets, transactions, and products are essential. Whether

Squark No Code Predictive Analytics for Insurance

Maximize Premiums. Reduce Costs. Identify Risks. Insurance customers were among the first to adopt Squark to manage risk around claims and policies. We work with US-based and international insurance firms of all sizes. Whether the data is for automotive, auto

Customer health is the new success currency, are you transforming your organization to be forward-looking with this technology?

From a traditional business view to a business post-pandemic, customer health is the new success currency.  For most, there have been more eyes on financial statements for business this year than ever before.  For Customer Success departments those conversations have

Squark No Code Predictive Analytics for Sales

Higher close rates. Lower costs. Happier teams.   How Would Things Change with a Clear View of the Future? You already know what happened in the past. It’s right there in your charts, graphs, and reports. Unfortunately, dashboards don’t help

Squark No Code Predictive Analytics for SaaS and Subscription Businesses

Predict CLTV. Reduce Churn. Cross-Sell and UpSell like a Beast. Own or operate a SaaS or subscription business; then, you must use Squark. If you generate recurring revenue and have customers, Squark is the perfect complement to your team and

Use Predictive Analytics to Take the Guesswork Out and Increase Upsells and Cross-Sells

One of the beautiful wins for a customer success manager is connecting the next product or the next level of service to an existing customer who will sincerely benefit from it, deliver increased value to their business, and improve your

Squark No Code Predictive Analytics for Marketing

Attract better prospects. Optimize spend. Deliver results.   How Would Programs and Processes Improve with a Clear View of the Future? You already know what happened in the past. It’s right there in your charts, graphs, and reports. Unfortunately, dashboards

Squark No Code Predictive Analytics for Retail and Ecommerce

Know what your customers will do next. Maximize AOV. Reduce Costs. Ecommerce is in Squark’s lifeblood. We’ve written industry-leading books on it and worked with some of the largest online (and offline) retailers. Whether your work in marketing, merchandising, product,

Customer Retention is Taking Center Stage, and Predictive Customer Analytics Can Make it Shine

Increasing customer retention by reducing customer churn. It has always been a big priority, but coming off the turmoil of 2020, it has become a focal point for many companies. The pressure is on customer success leaders to produce results.

Squark’s No Code AI
What’s Squark’s No Code AI For? Check out the New Site

The new Squark site is here. It’s a small step in our ongoing journey into 2021. If you are wondering why we changed the site, perhaps you hadn’t seen the old one? ? More seriously, when we created Squark 2

Squark is Not a Black Box
No, It’s Not a Black Box: The Reality of Squark’s Explainable and Transparent No-Code Predictive AI Automation

A Black Box is a dark cube of mystery.  Some random number generator created by Rube Goldberg. A machine into which the gearing is not visible.  It’s opaque and enigmatic.  While it may sound clever to make that assertion about

Predictive Analytics Answer the Great Thanksgiving Brussel Sprout Controversy
Predictive Analytics Answer the Great Thanksgiving Brussels Sprout Controversy

*This post was updated 11/17/2021 This year we’re all looking forward to Thanksgiving getting ‘back to normal’ this year with extended family gatherings. There is, of course, one constant; turkeys are going to be in high demand. Over 45 million

3 reason why elections are hard to predict for humans and machines
3 Reasons Why Elections Are Hard to Predict for Humans and Machines

What if a model said no one will win the election? That model would be rejected immediately, but what if it wasn’t wrong?  What if the learning picked up a signal from historic data that knew the election would be

Predictive analytics helps to drive results in uncertain market conditions
Predictive analytics helps drive results in uncertain market conditions

Nowadays, marketers are having to deal with extreme uncertainty due to the impact that Covid-19 has had on the majority of industries. Strategies are reevaluated and plans are pivoted over and over again. With the majority of companies’ marketing efforts

loyalty and customer marketers use predictive analytics
3 Ways Loyalty & Customer Marketers Use Predictive Analytics to Stay Ahead

With everything going on in the world today, businesses find themselves in new and uncharted territory.  Given what industry your business is in, some loyalty and customer marketers have had a very challenging year trying to forecast outcomes and keep

Predictive Analytics Powers Customer Loyalty
3 Ways No Code Predictive Analytics Powers Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is where long-term value is created. No code predictive analytics gives marketers a easy to use way to predict what their customers will do next, without coding.

Are CMOs Wrong About Data Science Skills Gaps?

Chart Source: The CMO Club, Feb. 2020 In this February 2020 survey, The CMO Club asked it members, “What are the most critical skill gaps in your organization? Select up to 3.” 78% chose Data Science, the top answer. The

AI predictive marketing
AI Predictive Marketing in Reach for Analysts

Predictive marketing is the practice of anticipating your prospects’ next moves in order to improve customer journeys, increase satisfaction, and to build sustainable, profitable revenue streams. For example, optimized cross selling, content personalization, message timing, and ad effectiveness measurement demand

Learn AutoML for Free

Right now, we all need new ways to approach work, education, and creativity. Squark is contributing by offering everyone free access. This is a perfect time to explore the ways AI and Machine Learning can improve your world. Learn Something

bullseye or feature leakage
Codeless AI Transformative for Direct Mail Agencies

Codeless AI leverages agencies’ strengths to drive hyper-personalization of direct mail. The results are significant uplifts in campaign effectiveness  with large reductions in costs. The Business Challenge: Achieve marketing program objectives while reducing costs. In case you think those glory

AI or Not?

How to Tell What’s Real Have you tried the new “AI Latteccino” at Starbucks? Absurd—and not real, of course. But don’t be surprised if food and beverage companies become the latest vendors to co-opt the Artificial Intelligence mantle. Nearly every

Accessible AI
Closing More at Lower Cost With Accessible AI Predictive Power

Business leaders aren’t looking for more raw information. They’re drowning in data.  Between 60% and 73% of all data within an enterprise goes unused for analytics according to Forrester.  Answers are what is in short supply. Those responsible for revenue

AutoML for B2B
Why AutoML Beats Lead Scoring Formulas for B2B

CRM and Marketing Automation systems have offered lead scoring features for decades. The notion of using arithmetic to turn qualification criteria and behavioral data into a simple-to-consume number makes sense. Business development and sales teams always appreciate guidance on which

Creating Marketing Value With AI
Creating Marketing Value With Codeless AI

Earlier this year, Brett House of Nielsen and Judah Phillips from Squark presented at Analytics Nexus 2019. Here is a transcript of Brett’s remarks. Watch the video “Thank you, Judah. To quickly introduce myself, as Judah had mentioned, I run

Can AI Help Retail
Can AI Help Retail Store Salespeople Sell More?

The best retail sales people excel because they attract customers, serve them well, and keep them coming back. They understand individual tastes and show complementary styles and accessories, boosting sales volume and customer satisfaction at the same time. Underlying this

Why Marketers Need Automated Machine Learning

We can imagine that marketing before computers was primarily based on intuition. Sure, managers had ledgers that allowed them to see sales lift from advertising campaigns, but without insights about which customers were responding to which programs. (We’ll spare you

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Data Science for the Metaverse
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Predictive Analytics Use Cases for DTC
Buy-In for a No-Code Predictive Analytics Solution

Squark no-code AI SaaS platform is the most flexible, fastest, and easy-to-use automation of AI on the planet.  Use clicks (not code) to automatically find AI-insights in the data you already have. Prioritize decisions and know what actions to take using any data from any system. Drive growth and expansion by forecasting customer outcomes over time, understanding attribution & media mix, predicting lifetime value, and improving retention .  Squark’s no-code AI is as simple and easy-to-use as a spreadsheet. It’s built for analysts yet our award-winning software is more powerful, accurate, scalable, and feature-rich than many other AI systems deployed in business today.  

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