AI for Marketers by Squark
Part 1: What Can VP’s of Marketing and CMO’s Do with Squark?

Part 1: What Can VP’s of Marketing and CMO’s Do with Squark? As a VP or CMO of Marketing, you already understand the importance of leveraging data to gain valuable insights and drive business success. One of the most powerful

Data and Analytics Leadership Needs AI

Data and Analytics Leadership Needs AI Squark advisor Dr Tom Davenport wrote the forward about some new research from New Vantage Partners, which has been surveying analytics teams since 2012.  As Dr Davenport says “Data, and the ability to make

AI and Predictive Analytics: The Future of Customer Marketing

AI and Predictive Analytics: The Future of Customer Marketing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Predictive Analytics have revolutionized the way customer marketers work. Here are five key reasons why taking action now is important for organizations looking to stay ahead of

Santa Predictive Analytics
Predicting Who Was Naughty and Nice using AI: Squark & Santa

Santa’s Chief Data Elfficer contacted Squark over Telegram yesterday.  Santa’s Workshop needed help identifying who was naughty or nice this year.  Santa’s list keeps growing and the elves are collecting more data than ever through the IoT devices, like Elf

ai personalized conversion paths
What are AI-Personalized Conversion Paths?

What are AI-Personalized Conversion Paths? Personalized conversion paths provide a tailored and individualized experience for each customer.  Important to marketers, personalized paths help increase customer engagement, likelihood to buy, satisfaction, and ultimately lead to higher conversion rates. AI-personalized conversion paths

squark nlp ai
Use Language in Text to Predict Outcomes (NLP!)

Natural language processing, or NLP, is a type of artificial intelligence that allows computers to understand and generate human language. By applying NLP to customer data, businesses can gain valuable insights into how customers feel about their products and services,

ai predicsts who will buy when and why
AI Predicts Who Will Buy, What, When, & Why

If you knew which of your prospects would buy and when, what would you do differently?  What if you also knew what each prospect would buy, for how much, and why?  An amazing world of managing future revenue and results

ai pipeline
What’s an “AI Pipeline”?

You’ve probably heard the phrase used before, in technical meetings. But what does it mean, really?  What’s an “AI Pipeline?” An AI Pipeline is an end-to-end construct that orchestrates data flow into, and output from, a machine learning model (or

data centric ai
What is Data-Centric AI?

Data-Centric AI focuses on improving the data used to answer a business question or solve a problem versus changing the algorithm or writing new code. The idea of “data centricity” implies multiple techniques beyond “human in the loop” machine learning

Supervised vs. Deep Learning
Generative AI & Structured Data Prediction Work Together

Squark can apply generative techniques to improve the data that goes into your AI models. Instead of creating bad art 😂, we actually create good data. Here are a couple of methods we like: Enhancing missing data.  When data is

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