Eliminate Ineffective Marketing
Predictive AI Can Help You Eliminate Ineffective Marketing

As the famous marketing statement supposedly said by the Philadelphia retailer John Wanamaker goes, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”  Had predictive AI been around, he wouldn’t have been

Light the Load of Data Scientists
Lighten the Load of Data Scientists & Empower Analysts

“I’ll never find enough data scientists or have enough budget to hire enough people to quell the demand that we have and so thinking more and more about opportunities to create, through technology augmentation, that would allow other folks in

AI to determine the next action
Predictive AI Helps You Determine the Next Action in Business

Eliminate guessing about what your customer is likely to do next and refine your next action to focus on the items that will drive the business. Knowing what your customer is likely to do next – and why – helps

Explainable AI Reports
Explainable AI: Determining what data influences your KPIs

How many times have you asked yourself and your team, “which of my data is most important to each of my KPIs?” Aligning Your KPIs and Data Take, for example, the concept of customer lifetime value (CLTV) – an important

Supervised vs. Deep Learning
Supervised vs. Deep Learning in Your AI Platform

What is the difference between supervised vs. deep learning? The type of data you have will determine what AI/machine learning algorithms will best work for you – unless you have a tool that automatically adjusts to the best model for

No-Code AI easy-to-use
No-Code AI Is As Easy-To-Use And Powerful As You Hope It Is

‘AI is not going to replace managers, but managers who use AI are going to replace those who don’t.’ – Deborah Leff, former CTO for data science and AI at IBM. That quote probably sounded intimidating when it was said

Marketing with AI Prediction
Marketing with AI Prediction: The Next Frontier

Most marketers don’t manage with prediction, even the data-driven ones. That is changing with automated data science that leverages no-code AI technology. The technology puts the power of cutting-edge machine learning algorithms in the hands of marketers with just a

AI for Healthcare Marketing
AI for Healthcare Marketing: Are You Ready for It?

Hospitals spend over 2.9 billion dollars on healthcare marketing in a given year. If you include pharmacies, health insurance, physical therapy, and other forms of healthcare, that number gets bigger.  It’s safe to say that healthcare marketing is big business.

Models Improve Over Time
How Machine Learning Models Improve Over Time

It’s all about the training data. Machine learning our automated machine learning (autoML) models improve over time. You’ve probably read this in an article or heard someone say a version of this fact at a conference or on a podcast.

Artificial Intelligence vs. Augmented Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence vs. Augmented Intelligence

What is the difference between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Intelligence? Hint: It is a partnership Artificial Intelligence vs. Augmented Intelligence. You may have heard both of these terms and wondered if they are the same thing or distinct concepts

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Responsible AI

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