Squark AI Solutions by Application

Squark enables business users to deliver on the promise of predictive analytics using artificial intelligence. Quickly build custom predictive models using your business data. Do it yourself – like using a spreadsheet – in only a few clicks. Get ahead of the game with Squark – before your competitors find out about us.

Squark AI for Marketing

Use your existing marketing data to predict how current programs will perform against goals. Even more important than forecasting based on your current path is identifying changes that will take you to a higher level.

  • Use AI prediction to qualify your leads and opportunities better.
  • Predict which ads will drive optimal responses.
  • Detect essential Account Based Marketing factors.
  • Tune offers to maximize conversions at all points in the customer journey.

At its core, Squark Seer profiles ideal customers with insights that elude conventional reporting and BI systems. After all, isn’t Increasing customer lifetime value a natural outcome of targeting the right prospects in the first place?

Squark AI for Sales

Every step in the sales process can be guided better with Squark Seer. Use your CRM and marketing automation data to exceed quotas with predictive insights you cannot extract using ordinary reports. Simply load your customer data and Machine Learning models your business automatically. Run your active opportunities with that model and Squark Seer provides a remarkable vision of the future.

  • Which leads will take the next step and when.
  • Opportunities ranked by likelihood to buy.
  • Customer lifetime value projections to weigh against cost of sale.
  • Predicted forecast confidence for projecting revenue and commissions accurately.

“Tried and true” is not applicable any more with the volume of information and pace of change you encounter daily. Sales accelerate when the power of AI amplifies the true talents of sales people.

Squark AI for Customer Success

What’s driving customer success in our best accounts? Maintaining and growing revenue requires that understanding. With ordinary analytical tools you may learn too late how to avoid top-line erosion and excessive costs. Don’t drive looking in the rear-view mirror any longer. Squark Squark Seer points you forward.

  • Predict future churn in time to change it.
  • Identify what products and services to cross-sell or up-sell.
  • Determine key drivers in that make customers successful.
  • Forecast based on the latest parameters and trends.

Customer success teams have always had more than enough data points. Connecting those dots has not been so simple. Until now. Squark Seer transforms reactive analytics into predictive pathways—as easily as using a spreadsheet.

Squark AI for Operations

Operations teams know how to make good decisions. Clear understanding of the interplay of myriad variables has always been the limiting success factor. Squark Seer breaks through this barrier by injecting new clarity through the power of AI. Where traditional techniques stall due to overwhelming complexity and pure work-hours required, AI delivers startling accuracy in moments. Your analysts will stop coding formulas and start predicting outcomes in time to make a difference.

  • From forecasting financial and investment performance.
  • Manage equipment investments and predictive maintenance
  • Predict real estate and labor costs.
  • Protect privacy and improve regulatory compliance.

AI with Machine Learning is the greatest advance in operational computing since the desktop spreadsheet. Squark Seer puts the power that used to require data scientists and developers into a simple user experience accessible by departmental analysts.

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