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Squark Machine Learning for Sales

Your CRM system is your lifeblood. Using it to foresee trends and highlight the best opportunities can be challenging if you use traditional reporting and BI tools alone. They just can’t tackle the multi-dimensional analyses need to be predictive, as opposed to describing what already happened. AI changes that. More importantly, Squark puts true, predictive analytics a few clicks from producing the answers you need. Learn More.

  • Rate leads better than any formulaic scoring scheme.
  • Define winning opportunities better than any manually-assembled ideal customer profile.
  • Identify opportunities that are best long-term moneymakers.
  • Alert to opportunities that will churn too soon to be profitable.

Squark Machine Learning for Business Analysts

Complex Problems are Now Easy to Solve—Without Coding

Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) makes AI as easy to use as a spreadsheet. Squark creates models automatically from your training data using multiple algorithms. The best-performing model for the particular data set is then applied to your production data set. You see which model was used—and why—in a ranked leaderboard. All this happens in moments, not months.

How Squark is Different

  • No data science or programming knowledge is required. All the smarts are built in.
  • Get answers right away. Simple use features mean no dedicated training is required. Compare this to systems that mandate days or weeks of classes.
  • Run as many analyses as you like with no incremental charges to tune data sets and perfect your predictions.

Deliver insights day one. Apply your talents to gaining advantage on your competitors, not manipulating arcane systems. You might say that Squark is productive right out of the box—except that there isn’t even a box. Log in and go!

Squark Machine Learning for Executives

Make Your Business AI-Driven Now, Not in Months

Squark cuts right to deliverables and skips the long, high-overhead development projects. Machine Learning can create better models, faster. Your analysts create results, not schedules and to-do lists.

  • You see rapid answers to questions that defy conventional analysis.
  • Teams that understand the business problem use Seer directly. No loss in translation with developers.
  • Since there are no incremental charges per analysis, cost do not discourage model perfection.

Squark is an accurate, trustworthy tool to solve your toughest predictive challenges. Lowest cost and fastest time-to-result make it a straightforward choice. Your teams can get started within existing budgets today.

Squark Machine Learning for Marketing

Squark makes the promises of AI available to every marketer today, without the customary hordes of data scientists and programmers. Machine Learning now produces more accurate models, faster, than every before. You can attack the questions that have defied conventional reporting and BI tools, and you can do it yourself. After all, you know best what insights will improve your marketing programs. With interactions as simple as a spreadsheet, you get down to the business of making marketing decisions right away.

  • Identify the best prospects—and why they are best—for targeting your messages to optimize revenue.
  • Increase loyalty and reduce churn by predicting which customers are vulnerable to churning.
  • Attribute marketing program and advertising spend to deals won in multiple dimensions.

Here is your opportunity to leap ahead of competitors by aiming the power of AI to attracting, influencing, and retaining customers. Squark Seer reduces time-to-market and scales to tackle the ever-increasing velocity of your marketing interactions.

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