Monte Carlo Simulation
Monte Carlo Simulation vs. Machine Learning

Simulation uses models constructed by experts to predict probabilities. Machine Learning builds its own models to predict future outcomes. Monte Carlo (the place) is the iconic capital of gambling—an endeavor that relies exclusively on chance probabilities to determine winners and

Data Mining
Data Mining vs. Machine Learning

Data Mining describes patterns, correlations, and anomalies in data. Mines are not the best analogies for the processes referred to as Data Mining. Never mind that we call data storage places bases, warehouses, and lakes. Extraction of raw data material is not

Deep Learning
Deep Learning vs. Machine Learning

Deep Learning is a category of machine learning with special advantages for some tasks and disadvantages for others. Machine learning workflows begin by identifying features within data sets. For structured information with relatively few columns and rows, this is straightforward.

Classification Types and Uses
Classification Types and Uses

Classifications are the most frequently used—and most useful—prediction types. Classifications are predictions that separate data into groups. Binary Classification produces “yes-no” or “in-out” answers when there are only two choices. Multi-Class Classification applies when there are three or more possibilities and shows probabilities

Operationalizing AutoML with ML Ops
Operationalizing AutoML: ML Ops

Predictions are interesting on their own. They are valuable when put into production. Operationalizing AutoML – often called “ML Ops” – means putting AutoML predictions into regular workflows to change business outcomes. Here are a few ways do it. Graphical

AI Has Changed Dramatically
AI Changed Dramatically in Only 9 Months

Productive uses for AI are closer at hand than ever due to the rise of AutoML. Beginning in 2019, advancements in AI have replaced obstacles with tools to benefit from its power. Foremost among them is Automated Machine Learning (AutoML), which does

Accessible AI
Why AI for Marketing and Sales?

Follow the money to see why marketing and sales are the most common applications for AI. Instant PaybackSmall improvements in marketing and sales can produce large returns quickly. Think of the impact of gaining a few percentage points on lead conversions,

Machine Learning vs. Statistics

Statistics and machine learning differ in method and purpose. Which is superior depends upon your goals. Statistics is a subset of mathematics that interprets relationships among variables in data sets. Statisticians make inferences and estimate values based solely on data collected

How Important Is Explainability?

How Important Is Explainability? Understanding the inner workings of ML algorithms may distract from realizing benefits from good predictions. Explainability Explained With the rise of artificial intelligence has come skepticism. Mysteries of how AI works make questioning the “black box”

How are Supervised and Unsupervised Learning Different?

Showing the way vs. stumbling in the dark – there are applications for both. Supervised Supervised Learning shows AutoML algorithms sets of known outcomes from which to learn. Think of classroom drills, or giving a bloodhound the scent. Supervised learning

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