Data Science for the Metaverse

Is your business ready for the metaverse? Is your marketing team prepared to serve those customers? How do segments differ and overlap from your customers in the physical world? 

If you’re asking yourself those questions, that’s a good start. If you’re still just learning about the metaverse, it’s a merging of virtual, augmented, and physical reality. Customers and businesses have begun flocking to the metaverse, but it is still very much a new, evolving space that we’re all figuring out together. Data science, AI, and machine learning will help businesses understand and cater to customer behavior and expectations in the metaverse.

The Next Revolution in Business

The metaverse has the power to revolutionize how industries and businesses operate. As the metaverse expands and rapid innovations continue within the metaverse itself as well as its relationship with the physical world, the possibilities of new ways to connect with customers and develop revenue streams are vast. 

Businesses should start preparing themselves now, even if they remain wary, so they do not get behind their competitors. 

Even once they’ve begun the setup, the challenge will be evolving as fast as the innovations and, more importantly, customer behavior. Automated data science powered by AI with MLOps built-in can help businesses keep up. Machine learning can detect patterns faster and more reliably than a human. And an automated solution allows for the scalability that the metaverse will undoubtedly require. 

Squark’s Automated Data Science Solution for the Metaverse

Squark is already working with top companies, like Epic Games, leading the way into the metaverse to uncover insights and predict future customer outcomes. 

Squark’s automated no-code explainable AI platform is for immediately uncovering insights and prioritizing decisions and actions that drive growth. Activate data you already have with a system that will learn as innovations that drive customer behavior continue to evolve. Integrate forecasts and predictions to and from any system.

Schedule a time with one of our experts to discuss how Squark’s data science for the metaverse can help power the insights and actions of your customers. 

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