Data Sets

Download free customer sample Machine Learning data sets for use with Squark. These data sets support Squark’s no code supervised machine learning capabilities for:

  1. Regression: “How much?” (forecasting)
  2. Classification: “Which of two things?” (binary), or “Which of three or more things?” (multivariate or multinomial)

Included in each data set download is a training file and a production file. The training file contains historical data. The production file contains new data on which you want to make predictions.

You’ll notice the training files have an extra column, the target column/target label. The target column, also known as the dependent variable, is the column you are ‘training’ the algorithms to predict. It will be the column that Squark will predict the answer for on the production file.

For more info on data sets, view the video What Are Training and Production Data Files. If you have any questions, please contact us at

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Customer Success

download button Download Data Set


download button Download Data Set

Squark no-code AI SaaS platform is the most flexible, fastest, and easy-to-use automation of AI on the planet.  Use clicks (not code) to automatically find AI-insights in the data you already have. Prioritize decisions and know what actions to take using any data from any system. Drive growth and expansion by forecasting customer outcomes over time, understanding attribution & media mix, predicting lifetime value, and improving retention .  Squark’s no-code AI is as simple and easy-to-use as a spreadsheet. It’s built for analysts yet our award-winning software is more powerful, accurate, scalable, and feature-rich than many other AI systems deployed in business today.  

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