Free Prediction

Request Your Free Prediction.  Prove the value of no code predictive analytics with no risk. We can help you make a valuable prediction and see how your future can become more present.
Squark works on any structured data with NLP for unstructured data in rows and columns such as .csv or .xls. All you need is a training file to teach the system, plus one or more production files to produce the answers you seek.

No data science knowledge is required.

We’ll guide you through the process so you can experience how Squark produces highly accurate predictions as simply as using a spreadsheet. Here’s how it works:

  • Upload your training file containing data with known outcomes or use our integrations to connect to your data sources
  • Select which results you want to predict.
  • Upload your production data and run.
  • Machine Learning algorithms examine your training data and produce hundreds or thousands of models. The most accurate model is used for predictions automatically.
  • View the results in minutes—including why, with highlighting of the most important predictive elements in your data.

To begin, we’ll get in touch so you can explain your prediction scenario. In a quick, conversational discovery, we will help you identify the best candidate data sets. You will learn how to select data that will be predictive, how to load and run data in Squark, and how to use the predictions that result. Let’s get started!

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