Data Predictions and Customer Insights in minutes, without writing code

You’ve heard how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are revolutionizing industries worldwide. Now you can apply predictive insight and data explainability to your business. Squark is making predictive analytics accessible to the business user, with no data science or programming knowledge required, yet obtain the same powerful customer insights
Here are examples of how customers are using Squark:
  • Marketing teams are predicting the likelihood of each customer’s response to different offers and using that data to customize their campaigns.
  • Customer Success teams are predicting retention and churn on a per account level and learning what data points influence retention.
  • Sales teams are predicting which accounts will purchase additional offerings and targeting their efforts.
  • Finance teams are improving their forecasts and learning which data points are the biggest indicators in trends.
How could you use Squark to improve your business? Think of all the “Yes or no?” or “Which ones?” or “How many?” and “Forecasting” questions you have. You’ll discover how the power of Squark can deliver answers faster and more accurately than anything you’ve tried (or bought). Complete the form to book your time. As a customer we will provide video guides, community sessions, and consultations via Squark Symmetry – our proprietary onboarding, training, customer success experience to ensure your success. We value our user community and look forward to guiding you on your journey into the world of predictive analytics for customer insights.
Make better business decisions with Squark. Let’s get started.

A Squark demo will show you the complete no-code process —connection, data preparation, learning, modeling, predicting, explanation, and more. Yes, all of that—live—in 30 minutes or less.

Squark is a no code predictive analytics SaaS that automatically analyzes business data you work with every day to predict customer outcomes, uncover new opportunities, and mitigate risk. It is a simple and easy to use no code AI software that doesn’t require data science nor technical expertise. Confidently use clicks to command Squark’s no code data science. Make informed decisions about what your customers will do next to increase your business impact and deliver a better customer journey.

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