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Prove the value of AutoML for predictive analytics with no risk. What’s your burning question?

  • Which visitors are likely to abandon carts?
  • Which ads work best in which media?
  • What leads will produce the highest customer lifetime value?
  • Are there cross-sell/up-sell offers that will boost revenue?
  • What digital marketing actually accelerates customer journeys?
  • What’s my real forecast for the next period?

Use Your Imagination

You already have answers hidden in your information. CRM? CDP? ERP? BI? Squark learns from any existing data tables and provides actionable predictions in minutes.

We can help you make a valuable prediction of up to 100K-row data sets and see how your future can become more present. You will be guided through the process and experience how Squark produces highly accurate predictions as simply as using a spreadsheet.

To begin, we’ll get in touch so you can explain your prediction scenario. In a quick, conversational discovery, we will help you identify the best candidate data sets. You’ll learn how to select data that will be predictive,  load and run data in Squark, and how to use the predictions that result. Let’s get started!