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You’ve heard how artificial intelligence and machine learning are revolutionizing research, business, education, and entertainment. But somehow, regular work keeps you doing things traditional ways “until…” Change right now with free access to Squark.

How could you improve Marketing? Can AI help Sales? How can Agencies and services companies benefit?

Free Use Period Includes One Hour of Success Consulting at No Charge

Squark is offering free access to its automated machine learning system for 21 days to all users who want to understand and apply predictive AI, but who do not want to write code. In addition, you get one hour of personal guidance with one of our AI experts. Here are the ground rules:

  • You must register with an authentic email address.
  • You describe, in at least four words, what you hope to do with Squark.
  • That’s it.

Think of all the “Yes or no?” or “Which one?” or “How many?” questions you have. You’ll learn how the power of Squark can deliver answers faster and more accurately than anything you’ve tried.

Oh, and no coding.

Let’s get started. Complete the form on the right and we’ll send instructions by email. We’ll provide video guides, community sessions, and consultations for free as well.

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