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Prove the value of AutoML for predictive analytics with no risk. Try Squark Seer free for 14 days for up to 10K-row data sets and see how your future can become more present.

  • Squark Seer works on any structured data – rows and columns such as .csv or .xls.
  • All you need is a training file to teach the system and one or more production files to produce the answers you seek.
  • No data science knowledge is required.

Squark Seer produces highly accurate predictions as simply as using a spreadsheet. Here’s how it works:

  1. Upload your training file containing data with known outcomes.
  2. Select which results you want to predict.
  3. Upload your production data and run.
  4. Machine Learning algorithms examine your training data and produce hundreds or thousands of models. The most accurate model is used for predictions automatically.
  5. View the results in minutes—including why, with highlighting of the most important predictive elements in your data.

Start your trial now if you understand your data and the problem you are trying to solve. You will have 14 days to make as many runs as you like. If you need to know a bit more before starting the clock, just let us know. You can request an online demo and discuss your data beforehand to make the trial period most productive.