Buy-In for a No-Code Predictive Analytics Solution

You’re sold. You understand the value of a no-code predictive analytics tool. You can check all the boxes on the Are You Ready for a Predictive Analytics Solution checklist. Now you need to get stakeholder buy-in across departments. We’ve got your back. Below is a summary of the departments and actors typically involved and how to address their needs and concerns when pitching Squark.

Addressing The Concerns and Hitting on the Benefits of a No-Code Predictive Analytics Tool:

Your Position: With Squark’s no-code predictive analytics tool, your team will be able to uncover insights and make data-backed decisions faster and more effectively. 

Tech / Data Science

  • Concerns: There are data scientists who immediately see the value an automated tool provides and only want to make sure that the platform can deliver the results. For everyone else, an automated solution may feel like a threat to their job, but that is not the case. Squark is a tool meant to supplement their work and allow them to focus their efforts, not replace them. 
  • Benefits: Squark is an incredibly robust and transparent solution. In addition to the explainable AI reports included with the outcomes, Squark provides supplemental data science reports and model exports for validation. Also, MLOps is an inherent feature of the platform, eliminating the additional work of deploying and maintaining models. Finally, bringing on an automated tool for the business users frees up the data scientists’ time to work on more complex and exciting projects. 


  • Concerns: If this group is the team presenting Squark, they may still be concerned about their ability to effectively execute and understand the results. We can quickly address that with a demo. 
  • Benefits: Squark is a very intuitive tool to use. In addition to that, Squark also provides Symmetry Services to cover any gap in understanding data science and the tool itself. Upskill the team that provides support and guidance to the rest of the business to hit their goals and KPIs. 


  • Concerns: If marketing isn’t the department presenting Squark, their concerns typically understanding and reports and being able to effectively action off of them.
  • Benefits: Squark displays the results in easy-to-understand tables. Explainable AI reports are also included, so the user understands how the AI arrived at the outcomes, providing further insight. Unlock performance potential and reduce the risk of underperforming channels and segments. Identify the customer’s actions before they take them and be there with the engagement to drive the desired outcome.


  • Concern: Security and compliance are always their primary concerns. 
  • Benefits: Squark takes extensive security precautions to protect your data and can comply with all countries and industry regulations. Squark can provide on-prem solutions for added control and protection for those with additional requirements.

Finance & the C-Team:

  • Concern: It typically comes down to the economics for these two groups. Is the value of a no-code solution worth the investment?
  • Benefit: Squark is an affordable solution that lightens the data science load without adding salary overheard. Analysts and marketers can use the no-code solution to pick up efficiencies are drive performance. 

Tying It All Together: 

Present your initial use case to them-the high-impact, low-effort use case tied to your company’s goals. Know, and have access to, the data you will use for your use case. Highlight the potential impact of the results of the business. We’re confident they’ll be sold like you are.

Our team at Squark is here to support you. Schedule a call with one of our experts, and they can help you tailor your pitch(es) to secure buy-in for a no-code predictive analytics tool.

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