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Squark is looking for a customer success manager who will be the primary point of contact for our clients. As such, you will be involved in all aspects of support, account management, and educating clients on the product. You will understand client outcomes through both formal and informal feedback. This feedback will turn into onboarding, retention strategies and help to inform product road map.

This is an entrepreneurial opportunity where you will start out solo and then quickly grow a team to service clients worldwide.

You will…

  • Serve as the primary contact for the onboarding & training of new clients/users, as well as provide post onboarding support.
  • Collaborate with the product and development team to configure our platform to fit client requirements and troubleshoot technical issues that may arise.
  • Provide input into product, marketing, and sales based on client feedback.
  • Understand client outcomes through direct communication and analyzing customer success and health metrics.
  • Collaborate closely with sales team members to support renewals and expansion opportunities.
  • Measure clients’ levels of engagement with the company and provide feedback to the other teams regarding product and service improvements.
  • Provide insights to clients to ensure that they get the most out of the platform.
  • Not only execute, but help develop the Squark Customer Success Playbook.


We are looking for someone who has:

  • Bachelor’s degree and 3+ Years experience in customer success or account management
  • Experience at a SaaS/software company is preferred
  • Background of working in a client facing role.
  • Startup experience is a plus – working at a Seed or A Round Stage startup is preferable
  • Willingness to take initiative, Self Starter
  • Understands SaaS software UX and process
  • A high level of accuracy and attention to detail is required
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to operate effectively with uncertainty and change (be flexible)
  • Driven, self-motivated, and enthusiastic
  • Well organized with an ability to handle and digest large amounts of information
  • Works well under pressure
  • Proficient in G-Suite, Microsoft Office, Slack, Video Conference Training
  • Knowledgeable in Salesforce, HubSpot, and Marketing Automation software

Squark no-code AI SaaS platform is the most flexible, fastest, and easy-to-use automation of AI on the planet.  Use clicks (not code) to automatically find AI-insights in the data you already have. Prioritize decisions and know what actions to take using any data from any system. Drive growth and expansion by forecasting customer outcomes over time, understanding attribution & media mix, predicting lifetime value, and improving retention .  Squark’s no-code AI is as simple and easy-to-use as a spreadsheet. It’s built for analysts yet our award-winning software is more powerful, accurate, scalable, and feature-rich than many other AI systems deployed in business today.  

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