Squark is AI for Business.

We invented no code predictive analytics so you can start understanding your consumers in ways you never thought possible – without needing to code.

Predict customer responses, conversion, CAC, CLTV and more. Forecast revenue and yield. Know the current, next, and future best offers, content, campaigns, products for predictive customer personalization. Understand “why” outcomes have happened and what to do now to win.

Every license sold comes with our proprietary on-boarding, training, and customer success experience – Squark Symmetry® – customized by our experts to your exact need.

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Accurate Predictions in minutes, without writing code.

Squark tells you what will happen next in your business with no code data science.



Customer AI Is Essential. Now It’s Accessible. No Code. Just Clicks.


Increase Revenue: Find the best prospects. Increase cross-sell and up-sell. Choose content and media that convert. Squark intrinsically sees patterns invisible to conventional data analysis tools.


Reduce Costs: Identify high-overhead customers. Optimize support resources. Stop ad spend on non-performers. Reduce overhead with smoother customer journeys. Squark finds answers that help your bottom line.


Manage Risk: Rank your opportunities by win-loss risk. Alert on process problems that hurt revenue or image. Find factors that contribute to customer satisfaction and churn. Replace guesswork with explainable predictions.


Crush Goals: Crush revenue targets. Win market share. Close opportunities with the best prospects. Avoid time wasted on dead ends. See clearly what others miss. Spot trends and make moves before others know what happened.


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Quotes from Squark Customers


“Squark generated a 4.3% increase in revenue on a 12% reduction in marketing costs.”

– Director, Strategy. 4000-person global marketing agency

“Squark’s data science chops create good models that you can use to quickly turn data into models and score new data right in the same spreadsheet.”

– The Forrester New Wave™: Automation-Focused Machine Learning Solutions

“Instant lift overnight with no programming. Remarkable. ”

– President. 10-person marketing agency

“Squark generated a 8x return on our investment.”

– Vice President, Demand Generation. 45,000-person global media firm


How to Use Squark’s No-Code Data Science and Predictive Analytics

Squark ensures your AI success with Squark Symmetry – our proprietary onboarding, training, and customer success experience.


  1. Pick Your Use Cases

If you could predict the future, what would you want to know?

Identify your use-cases and business questions (Squark can help!).

Login to get started with clicks and no-code required.

  1. Connect Data & Go

Click to connect with no friction.

Squark is a SaaS application with no implementation overhead. Monthly and annual plans are available to fit your budget.

Instant predictions.

  1. Learn & Model

Click to start Squark’s no-code predictive analytics process.


Squark automatically prepares your data and applies machine learning to create the best predictive model dynamically to your data. And then automatically creates accurate, explainable AI predictions in minutes.


  1. Predict & Activate

Squark transforms the way you work by creating the best predictive model for you and automatically applying it to predict on your data.

It’s that simple to get the best predictions in minutes. Accurate predictive analytics are now fast enough to automate today’s customer experiences.

Squark’s No-Code Predictive Analytics tells you what will happen

Predictions in minutes with clicks, not code. AI accessible to all, with no data scientists needed.


How Squark Uses AI to Predict What Your Customers Will Do with No Code Analytics

Squark® empowers companies to create predictions from the data they already have at their fingertips – in spreadsheets to Google Sheets. Use your data from Adobe, Amazon S3, Azure, Domo, Segment, Snowflake, Salesforce and more.

Easily familiar like Excel or Google Analytics, Squark’s no-code automation encapsulates the entire AI and machine learning process into clicks, doing the work of a team of data scientists. Squark is no code data science. Some call it “no code predictive analytics” or “no code analytics.” Regardless Squark makes it simple to connect data about your customers and other entities (like behaviors, events, transactions, products, campaigns, and so on).

Simply connect your data to Squark to get instant predictions built from today’s leading AI algorithms dynamically applied to your data.

Squark automates data prep, feature engineering, model creation and validation, prediction, explainability/transparency, and MLOps into one no-code platform.

Simply click to get the best predictive results to drive your yield and turn your data into dollars.


Predict Customer Response and Outcomes

Example Use Cases:

Will the customer buy?

Will the customer have a high lifetime value?

Will the contact become a marketing qualified lead?

Will the lead respond to this marketing campaign?

Will the customer churn?



Determine actions to take now to win later

Example Use Cases:

What offer should I make next?

What is the probability of response to offers?

What will products will customers buy next?

How should I segment my customers?

How should I personalize the experience?



Predict any single value

Example Use Cases:

What will be the lifetime value per customer?

What price should I offer to each customer?

What will by cost of customer acquisition be?

How many transactions will occur next week?

What will my conversion rate be next month?



Forecast any series of numbers over time

Example Use Cases:

What will sales be next year?

How many deals will close daily this year?

How will my costs change by day next year?

How will my risk change by month in 5 years?

What will the price be each minute next hour?



Determine “why” predictions occur and the drivers in the data

Example Use Cases:

What marketing touches contribute to conversion?

What parts of the customer journey cause sales?

What data impacts the forecast?

What specific data is contributing to this outcome?

What data is most important?



Explain models and understand the bias in your data

Example Use Cases:

What specific values in my data caused the sale?

How does each data element contribute to outcomes?

What values are important to consider?

What data is causing bias in my results?

Why does the model predict what it predicts?


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