Predictive Analytics Answer the Great Thanksgiving Brussel Sprout Controversy

Given the current pandemic, we can all expect our Thanksgiving to look a bit different this year. There is of course one constant no matter the challenges being faced; turkeys are going to be in high demand. Over 45 million turkeys are consumed each year during the Thanksgiving holiday season. This means, we as a nation, collectively chow down on about 730 million pounds of delicious turkey every Thanksgiving. A truly mind-boggling amount!

Now, we all know everyone will be eating turkey but what about the truly fundamental and critical question posed each Thanksgiving, should we serve brussels sprouts? I am sure most of you can hear your kids screaming, NO WAY, but amazingly Americans have a love-hate relationship with this round, green cruciferous vegetable and consume $4.3 million worth each holiday.

So how do we go about making this critical choice and potentially avoid family strife? We could send out a survey to all our attendees, listen to our kids, OR we could use a predictive analytics software like Squark! Below outlines a step-by-step view of how you would find the answer to the vexing question and how easy it really is!

Lets use a dataset (see appendix 1) provided by to find out the answer to this vexing question in less time than it takes you to clear your first plate of food. 

  1. First, let’s grab the data using our intuitive Google Sheets wizard:

2. Once we have the data, Squark will perform some initial analysis. Once completed, let’s tell the system which column contains the historical data that answers our question of “do you serve brussels sprouts?” so our system can learn:

3. Select which columns you would like to include (hint: throw them all in at first and make choices later once the machine has had a chance to explain to you what is most important to the prediction you are making):

4. Now grab a file from your computer with all of your relatives names, along with their associated data to match what we are training on to determine who loves brussels sprouts but would never admit it:

5. Click “Start Training” and let the machine figure out not only who is going to be sneaking some brussels sprouts in the corner, but what traits or attributes are most likely to identify a true brussel lover.

This is just a snippet of the attributes we examined but we can see those from the West North Central and West South Central regions are highly likely to go straight for this green veggie. And it goes without saying that if you are a fan of canned cranberry sauce, you of course love brussels sprouts. Predictive analytics is this simple.

Now that we know who is likely to be the first in line, lets export our results to Excel and see who in the family is a secret brussels eater.

I always suspected Mom and Dad!

Amazing, another mystery solved in just minutes. All with the information you have right at your fingertips. No code required. Even better, out of the same data you just utilized, you could even find who is likely to steal the last slice of pecan pie!

Now imagine what you could do by applying the same capability to any range of marketing related questions you would like to answer. All within minutes, with the data you look at every day. Reach out at any time and let us show you how predictive analytics can maximize your efforts to increase conversions, revenue, customer retention, and so much more!


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