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Professional Services for Squark Customers

Squark provides machine learning and advanced AI analytics consulting services to accelerate product adoption when requested by clients. We’ve worked with organizations of all sizes and have deep, proven experience helping clients generate value by applying machine learning to their data.

Our machine learning practitioners are experts in the field, having helped some off the world’s largest companies create ML strategy and technology. They’ve taught advanced computer science, data science, and analytics courses at some of the world’s leading universities. They’ve even published and written books on the topic. As a result, our experts bring deep practical experience from creating and deploying advanced analytical and machine learning systems from inception to production roll-out to support – and they bring contemporary research and academic theory to play as well.

Our services will take care of your entire project – from business requirements, to data prep, to model creation and deployment to production, rollout, and support. Our services include:

Squark Scoping and Architecture Design

First, we need to understand your business challenge. Once we determine the scope and how AI/ML can help, we will work closely with you to define requirements, review solutions options and the underlying science, and determine how our technology can be customized to address your strategy. We then create and execute a road map for timely delivery.

Squark Data Collection, Creation, Understanding, and Exploration

AI, Machine Learning, and advanced analytics projects require data. We will help you determine the training and production data needed to support your goals and how to produce, train, and validate the resultant models. We can assist in collecting or preparing data as needed. Squark can perform an exploratory data analysis (EDA), PCA, and other advanced feature engineering to identify the best features and any helpful patterns or correlations that can be applied to how you use our products.

Squark Model Development

We can help you use Squark products to determine the best possible model, set of models, or ensemble model by running experiments and then develop it in parallel with you. can help you train the best possible model and engineer and understand the features driving your prediction. Then we produce the predictive results and help you understand how they apply to your business goal. The final model or set of models results in outcomes that are based on historical data that can be used to predict future trends – from binary to multi-class classification to natural language processing and generation to advanced forecasting and regression.

Squark API Full-Stack Application Development

We can integrate Squark models with your product, API, front-end, or back-end applications. Squark develops all necessary features to access the model and predictions in user-friendly ways. Private able to provide access to our API or to export models as stand-alone applications. Because Squark systems are scalable and operate with state-of-the-art security, we can deploy our technology to fit your precise needs.

Squark Support and Maintenance

Squark stays with you after the project ends to support, maintain, and extend our technology. We build durable architectures, models, and applications to integrate with and support results delivery with changing data and business challenges. We create a long-term partnerships with our clients, ensuring new goals and challenges are addressed and that Squark products are extended as our clients require.

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