Squark Solutions

​The world’s best prediction platform for business users. No IT nor Data Scientists needed.

Squark enables business users to use their existing data to create highly-accurate predictions – in minutes – without needing to understand AI, engineering, programming, nor statistics.

You simply upload your data and click Next. We then do all the heavy lifting for you automatically. Our intelligence determines what you want to predict and what data to use, which you can accept or override.

Then we automatically apply multiple model types – from deep learners to gradient boosters to decision trees to ensemble models and more – and use the best possible model for your data to generate predictive insights.

The predictions include what variables are most important to your goal and either individual-level scores or next-period forecasts, depending on your business question. Automatically. In Minutes.

Our results are instantly validated so you know how well the model will perform when you use it in the real-world. You even use our API to integrate with your business process or product. ​

As your data changes, simply re-run the model to update it. Our automated machine learning predictor will rebuild in minutes to fit your new data.

It’s cutting-edge data science without the data scientist, applicable to any classification problem in any industry, usable by business people, not just PhDs.

Intelligent Clustering Solution

K-Medoids | Set Co-occurrence | Apriori

Determine which sets of items co-occur requires advanced apriori and post hoc data science techniques like K-medoids as well as apriori and association rules. Understand the relationships across data sets and find new insights. This automated machine learning capability applies a set of unsupervised machine learning models and advanced visualization, which can be applied to work in synch with the our machine learner or stand-alone.

Market Basket & Affinity Solution

Affinity Analysis | Item Co-occurrence | Association Rules

Determine which two items co-occur together. Like your marketing campaigns or products. See the support, confidence, and lift in your data. Use Association Rules. Explore the results of a common unsupervised machine learning model, which we have abstracted and automated so that business people can use it. Apply it stand-alone or to complement the results of our deep learner.

Programmatic Advertising Forecasting Solution

Media Analysis| eCPM and Revenue | Pacing and Goals

Explore a powerful and comprehensive view into the performance of your programmatic advertising and your forecast and current pacing to goals. Easily view and segment data about current and past performance. Use our comprehensive set of filters to segment your data to find the insights that matter for making the right decisions – from locations to partners to deal types and much more. Use this interface to provide an understanding of your media data in a unified way that can also power Squark automated deep learning and machine learning solutions.