Squark 1.0 Announcement

Squark Announces the Availability of Squark 1.0 and Seed Financing Round led by TBD Angels and TWO39 Ventures.

BOSTON, May, 26, 2021 — Squark, a provider of no-code AI software for predictive customer insights, today announced the general availability of Squark 1.0, a next-generation predictive analytics SaaS that is both increasingly powerful and affordable. The software enables business users to produce AI-based insights about their customers to uncover new opportunities, mitigate risk, and reveal which data impacts the results.  No configuration or code development necessary, just simply load your data and go. Additionally, Squark announced a seven-figure seed round led by TBD Angels and TWO39 Ventures.

“With the release of Squark 1.0 we’ve achieved the beginning of our vision. Business users and analysts can now command an end-to-end automation of explainable AI that is easily integrated and operationalized,” said Judah Phillips, Co-Founder of Squark. “Our exciting traction in the mid-market and enterprise already provides huge returns on a Squark subscription for our incredible customers.  With this generous investment by TBD and TWO39 and our prodigious 1.0 release, Squark’s innovation and growth will continue to generate enormous value and competitive advantage for our customers.”

With an easy-to-use interface and with only a few clicks, business users can effortlessly generate AI-powered predictions.  By connecting, discovering, preparing, and engineering your data, Squark quickly produces explainable AI insights and predictions unique to your data to predict what your customers may do next and why.  While other no-code tools create machine learning models, none provide an end-to-end solution, like Squark. Never before has the power of AI been affordable, easy to use, scalable, and democratized for use across the globe. 

Enterprise and corporate predictive analytics tools require additional services, confusing drag and drop interfaces, complex architectures, data science knowledge, and may simply overwhelm the business user.  Those tools limit business users’ ability to create insights to drive real business outcomes because they are too hard to use, too expensive to run at scale, and just can’t integrate.  Squark changes this paradigm with the world’s most powerful no-code AI automation. Business users are put in control of the timely delivery of predictive customer insights with fair, unbiased, and explainable outcomes.

“For decades we have witnessed organizations struggle to empower their customer-focused teams with the capability to provide crucial, data-backed, and decisive next best actions to drive increased revenue and reduced cost,” said Dan Hess, Co-Founder of Squark. “With Squark 1.0, the teams are now able to hold the keys to answering today’s, tomorrow’s, and the future’s business questions using the data they are currently working with and doing so in a matter of minutes.”

Squark is the only comprehensive, predictive analytics SaaS that enables people, teams, and companies to complement their existing investments in data.  This disruptive new technology supports your established data architectures in order to quickly operationalize AI across the business:

  • Connect to Any Data Source You Have.   Squark’s connectors provide fast access to your customer data whether it resides in Snowflake, Salesforce, HubSpot, Azure, Google, CSV/Excel files or any number of other data sources. Your data is made instantly and immediately available for AI.  Make connecting any data source a breeze.
  • Prepare Your Data by Making It Better.   Squark’s automated data preparation is simple, yet comprehensive and doesn’t require additional products, services, or people.  Your data is cleaned, factored, imputed, encoded, transformed and more, including cutting edge natural language processing (NLP) and other feature engineering.
  • Build and Manage AI Models.   Squark automatically determines the best data and model to use for your predictions.  Model classes include binary classification, multinomial classification, regression, and time series.  Squark uses a powerful set of today’s high-quality machine learning and AI algorithms, from trees, gradients, ensembles, to various types of neural networks and much more.  Create and share projects containing data, predictions, and other explainable results across small teams or enterprise departments.
  • Schedule, Predict, and Simulate Future Outcomes. Easily set and schedule automated predictions for Squark through the API or connectors.  Connect your data, schedule your predictions, let Squark do the heavy lifting, and receive timely predictions and explainable outcomes.  If you’re curious on how your outcome may differ, feel free to update your data and run the same model again to see new results.
  • Explain Why Outcomes Occur.  Squark’s transparent AI uses some of the most sophisticated approaches to explainable AI that exist. Creating fair models to reduce bias and improve actionability means understanding “why” the AI generates the predictions it does.  You have insights generated and summarized both, globally across all the data used and for each applied prediction at the individual row level. 
  • Integrate into Your Data Fabric.  Squark is a secure and compliant SaaS that allows for a deeper level of integration, use our API or other advanced integration options to stitch Squark into your data fabric.  Whether the goal is to export Squark’s machine learning code in Python, Java or other languages or to run Squark in Docker, Kubernetes, Lambda architectures, or with millisecond response times in your CDP, Squark makes it possible. 
  • Scale to Meet Your Needs.  Squark’s SaaS is more scalable than platforms that require complex integrations and engineering services at a fraction of the cost. There is no limit to the data you can load into Squark with auto-scaling CPU and GPU instances powering the world’s best customer prediction platform. 
“Being able to take your current customer data to the next level by converting it into predictive customer behaviors and know what data is driving those predictions is transformative,” said Jonathan Corbin, VP of Customer Success and Global Strategy at HubSpot. 

About Squark:

Squark is a no-code predictive analytics SaaS that automatically analyzes business data you work with every day to predict customer outcomes, uncover new and unforeseen business opportunities, and mitigate risk. It is a simple and easy-to-use AI software that doesn’t require data science nor technical expertise.  In a matter of clicks, make confident, data-backed decisions about what your customers will do next and understand why to increase your business impact.  Learn more at www.squarkai.com

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