Squark No Code Predictive Analytics: AutoML for Domo

The Most Powerful Prediction for Domo is Also the Easiest

Make accurate, automated predictions from your data in Domo with just a few clicks.

It’s AI for BI—with no code, no services, and no data scientists required.

Truly Automated Machine Learning

See results on day one, with no professional services required.
  • No Coding
  • Auto Feature Engineering
  • Auto Algorithm Selection and Optimization
  • Auto Output and Variable Explainability
  • Instant, Accurate Predictions on Domo
  • No Services
  • Way less cost than Domo’s Data Science Consulting

Squark is different from anything else you’ve seen for making AI predictions from your Domo data.

Squark delivers answers with no need for big projects and hundreds of hour of professional services.

No worries if you don’t know special languages like Python and R. It is OK if you couldn’t pick a  Jupyter notebook out of a desktop lineup. By abstracting the machine learning processes completely, Squark enables you to train, build, and run predictive models with a few clicks and not a single character of code.

“If you are trying to do prediction on Domo, and you aren’t using Squark, then you are doing it the wrong way and spending too much time and money.”

Full, Bi-Directional Integration with Domo

Squark launches from your Domo dashboard and gives instant access to all your information. Simply point to training and production data sets and go. Completed predictions return directly to Domo with row-by-row results for classifications or regressions, complete with probabilities.

Try Squark for Free on Domo for 21 Days

“We increased yield over 4% while lowering cost 12%. Squark made a tidal shift in campaign success.”
– Marketing Agency

“Overnight, we saw double-digit uplift in cross-sell using Squark segmentation predictions.”
– DigitalIQ

“Squark gives us future vision on obstacles that could prevent timely delivery. We never had that before from our Domo data. Advance awareness gives us time to act before a costly delay happens. We save big while improving customer satisfaction.”
– Express Package Service

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