Squark No Code Predictive Analytics for Retail and Ecommerce

Know what your customers will do next. Maximize AOV. Reduce Costs.

Ecommerce is in Squark’s lifeblood. We’ve written industry-leading books on it and worked with some of the largest online (and offline) retailers. Whether your work in marketing, merchandising, product, analytics, data science, shipping, operations, or on the executive team, Squark can help. No Code Predictive Analytics takes the data from your ecommerce platform, your inventory management systems, financial systems, and makes it sing with predictions. Find out things you’ve always wanted to know but didn’t have the time, resources, or know-how to get done in a timely and cost-effective way.

Apply Squark to Ecommerce by:

  1. Connecting to your data. Squark has the connectors.
  2. Picking what you want to predict.
  3. Activating the resultant row by row predictions
  4. Operationalize via our API or by exporting the model code itself in multiple formats.

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Squark supports your custom use-cases with all models, predictions, explanations built dynamically including:

Marketing Use Cases

What campaigns will produce the highest UPT?

How do I attribute which marketing touches are creating conversion?

What offer should I make to each customer?

How do I automatically segment my customer based on what they will do next?

What is my customer going to do next?

Customer Experience Use Cases

What elements of the site experience are important to conversion?

What flows do I need to change to reduce friction?

Where are my customers getting stuck?

What content and copy is working best for my goals?

How do I modify the experience to increase AOV?

Merchandising and Buyer Use Cases

What is my lifetime value per customer by brand or category?

What products will sell in the next period?

What products have high likelihood of return?

How can I predict stock-outs and inventory turnover times?

What can I do to improve sell-through?

Now the power of binary & multinomial classification, regression, and time series forecasting can be done for you with no coding. Just define you use-case, pick you data, and click to find incremental value. Squark’s models are explainable, exportable and meet compliance standards. Squark is no code predictive analytics for ecommerce and retail.

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