Squark No Code Predictive Analytics for Financial Services

Know Your Customers. Maximize AUM. Reduce Risks.

Financial Services customers use Squark to manage risks and rewards. We work with leading financial services firms that have digital transformation initiatives where advanced analytics around customers, assets, transactions, and products are important. Whether focused on predicting high returns, or reducing exposure, Squark powers FSI with no code predictions.

Apply Squark to Financial Services by:

  1. Connecting to your data. Squark has the connectors.
  2. Picking what you want to predict.
  3. Activating the resultant row by row predictions
  4. Operationalize via our API or by exporting the model code itself in multiple formats.

Squark’s Models are Explainable, Exportable, and Meet Compliance Standards.


See a Squark Demo

Squark supports your custom use-cases with all models, predictions, explanations built dynamically including:

Lending Use Cases

Predict default and collections risk

Build more precise credit models

Credit risk rating and scoring

Actively manage your client portfolio

Forecast losses more accurately

Risk and Cybersecurity Management Use Cases

Accurately predict which transactions are likely fraudulent

Determine sources and causes of fraud

Gain foresight into the drivers of criminal, fraud, suspicious, and
innocent activity in new ways

Determine where fraud occurring

Customer Experience Use Cases

Determine which client is likely to need specific products or services

Build stronger relationships with customers

Anticipate client needs/products

Precisely target offers and promotions

Identify clients most likely to churn

Now the power of binary & multinomial classification, regression, and time series forecasting can be done for you with no coding. Just define you use-case, pick you data, and click to find incremental value. Squark’s models are explainable, exportable and meet compliance standards. Squark is no code predictive analytics for financial services.

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