Maximize Premiums. Reduce Costs. Identify Risks.

Insurance customers were among the first to adopt Squark to manage risk around claims and policies. We work with US-based and international insurance firms of all sizes. Whether the data is for automotive, auto property damage, general liability, workers compensation, we have experience. Use Squark to power your insurance digital transformation with prediction. No matter if focused on claims litigation, refunds, costs, or risks, you can easily apply Squark’s no code predictive analytics to insurance.

Apply Squark to Insurance:

  1. Connecting to your data. Squark has the connectors.
  2. Picking what you want to predict.
  3. Activating the resultant row by row prediction.
  4. Operationalize via our API or by exporting the model code itself in multiple formats

Squark supports your custom use-cases with all models, predictions, explanations built dynamically, including:

Claims Use Cases
  • Which claims will have excessive costs?
  • Which claims will have outlier subrogations?
  • How do I assess claims risk?
  • How should I allocate claims to agents?
Policy Use Cases
  • What quote-starts will convert to policies?
  • How do I price policies to maximize ROI?
  • What policies should I up-sell or cross-sell?
  • What coverage levels should I suggest?
  • What policies are at risk of lapsing?
Operational Use Cases
  • Predict financial returns
  • Inform pricing models, risk analyses, and actuarial analyses
  • Perform better damage assessments
  • Detect fraudulent claims faster
  • Identify where risk exists and their causes

Now, the power of binary & multinomial classification, regression, and time-series forecasting is possible with no coding. Just define your use-case, pick your data, and click to find incremental value. Squark’s models are explainable, exportable, and meet compliance standards. Squark is no code predictive analytics for customer insights.

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Squark no-code AI SaaS platform is the most flexible, fastest, and easy-to-use automation of AI on the planet.  Use clicks (not code) to automatically find AI-insights in the data you already have. Prioritize decisions and know what actions to take using any data from any system. Drive growth and expansion by forecasting customer outcomes over time, understanding attribution & media mix, predicting lifetime value, and improving retention .  Squark’s no-code AI is as simple and easy-to-use as a spreadsheet. It’s built for analysts yet our award-winning software is more powerful, accurate, scalable, and feature-rich than many other AI systems deployed in business today.  

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