Squark No Code Predictive Analytics for Mining

Predict Mineralization. Improve Yield. Reduce Waste.

Mining benefits from advanced analytics and AI-based digital transformation. Small gains in operational efficiencies can mean huge savings, revenue, and shareholder benefits. Squark is data agnostic so no matter what minerals you mine, we can help you do it better, more profitably, more cleanly, and with foresight to reduce your risk. Use Squark at your office to power business use cases in management, operations, finance, logisitics. Or apply Squark at remote locations or even offline in the mine. The flexibility of Squark for improving mining operations and business should on your roadmap.

Apply Squark to Mining by:

  1. Connecting to your data. Squark has the connectors.
  2. Picking what you want to predict.
  3. Activating the resultant row by row predictions
  4. Operationalize via our API or by exporting the model code itself in multiple formats.
  5. Models can be run offline, used in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and be integrated into your equipment

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Squark supports your custom use-cases with all models, predictions, explanations built dynamically including:

Mining Process Use Cases

How much product can be extracted?

What is the composition of the mine (type of products)?

Where do I drill?

What equipment do I use?

How do I reduce waste?

Operational Use Cases

Predict machine maintenance and failure

Predict breakpoints, failures, shutdowns, and other impacts to efficiencies

Forecast how long is going to take to ship the material to the processing plants

Predict shipping risk

Forecast yields, revenue, losses, and mining risks

Human Resource Use Cases

Predict shift staffing levels for mining operations.

Predict labor yields, costs, and effectiveness

Know when a worker is going to quit or should be promoted

Predict when a worker is more likely to ask for vacation

Predict accidents for optimal insurance coverage and cost management

Inform the hiring process

Now the power of binary & multinomial classification, regression, and time series forecasting can be done for you with no coding. Just define you use-case, pick you data, and click to find incremental value. Squark’s models are explainable, exportable and meet compliance standards. Squark is no code predictive analytics for mining.

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