Squark Seer for DOMO

Squark® is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for  Automated Machine Learning (AutoML).  Squark Seer makes business predictions using your Domo data with a simple, point-and-click process. No need to write code of any kind. See your future today with this amazing combination of full data access and AI predictive power.

  • Results in minutes with no data science knowledge required.
  • Processing is fast – refine data and re-run quickly.
  • Unlimited use cases with each license.

Ask for a free assessment to see how Squark can add value for your organization.

Squark Seer for Other BI Systems

Squark is hard at work on integrations with other BI tools. Vote here to prioritize your favorites. In the meantime, we have an API that can be used to connect any commercial product or custom system on a project basis. (See the Services Page.)