Squark Seer for DOMO

SquarkTM is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for AI predictive analytics. Squark Seer for Domo provides instant prediction productivity of AutoML. Full integration means instant access to all the data sets available to you within Domo. Start charting your future today with this amazing combination of full data access and AI predictive power.

  • Vault your operations into the world of AI prediction accuracy.
  • Solve predictive analytics challenges in moments, not months.
  • Machine Learning builds models directly from your training data.
  • Production data can be run against stored models for efficiency.
  • Processing is fast, so you can refine data and rerun quickly.
  • No per-run charges – use as much as you like.
  • No coding – not a single character of scripting or programming.
  • Includes the fully-supported Squark Integrator for Domo.

Squark Seer for Domo is available in the Domo Appstore. Get in touch with your Domo representative for more information and pricing.

Squark Seer for Other BI Systems

Squark is hard at work on integrations with other BI tools. Vote here to prioritize your favorites. In the meantime, we have an API that can be used to connect any commercial product or custom system on a project basis. (See the Services Page.)