Squark Symmetery - Our Proprietary Customer Success Experience

Squark Symmetry ® – our proprietary onboarding, training, and customer success experience is included with every Squark License

Squark Symmetry brings our full intellectual, strategic, business, and technical expertise and applies it directly to your business to every customer.  Based on your license plan, Squark empowers you to succeed in your predictive journey.  We can train you on succeeding with AI and machine learning, surfacing your key use-cases, determining the data you need, and ensuring you are successful with Squark now and in the long run.

Squark’s experts have worked with organizations of all sizes – 75% of the Fortune 100 – and have deep, proven experience helping clients generate value by applying machine learning to their data.

Data Science Training

Translating your business challenges into questions and predictive use-cases that can be solved with machine learning is artful and scientific.  You will learn:

  • Squark Use-Case Framework
  • Data Design for ML
  • Preparing Your Data
  • AI Pipeline Automation – Why Squark Wins
  • Algorithms
  • Validation and Preventing Overfitting
  • Explainability, Bias, Transparency
  • Optimizing Results
  • Why Squark in Not Black Box

Squark Seer Training

We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Squark Seer to deliver results that get you your bonus:

  • Creating Projects
  • Selecting Data
  • Understanding the Automated Optimizations
  • Training and Learning
  • Scoring and Predicting
  • Understanding and Exploring Results
  • Explaining Results using AI Techniques
  • Simulating Outcomes
  • Exporting Models
  • Communicating Results


Data Science Seminars

Learn how to apply Squark to your day to day experiences and the new ideas and challenges you encounter:

  • Data Science, AI, and ML Strategy Planning
  • Roadmap Planning
  • User Adoption Planning
  • ML Process Design
  • Dataset Design Review
  • Experimental Design Review
  • Business Process Integration
  • Technical Integration
  • Advanced Analytics Coaching
  • Organizational Adoption

Learn the Concepts

Machine Learning and AI has a lot of new terminology, concepts, ideas, and math.  We will explain the details to you, in a way that actually makes sense and puts the world of ML in the language of your business.  We will help you figure out questions to ask, how to use Squark, and how interpret the results. Our customers go through an onboarding experience to familiarize them with all these concepts and more.

Video Based and Virtual Office Hours

Squark provides a comprehensive video library to get up and running with Squark.  We also meet live with our customers to answer questions and ensure success. Whether you choose to follow our video training and use our sample machine learning datasets, or work with us virtually in our office hours customized for you, we can support your goals and ensure you get running and succeed in no-time with no-code.

Help and Guidance Forever

Squark realizes that sometimes you may need extra help in thinking through your goals for machine learning, determining the data to use, and generally will need some help with things from time to time.  Squark Symmetry is on-demand when you need us.  Not only do you get the world-class guidance forever, you will also have a direct line to Squark’s executive team. No challenge is too big, and no question is too small.  We stick with you, always and forever.

We Scale with You

As your usage and success grows, Squark Symmetry helps us plug into your business processes so we can anticipate your needs and be ready to serve.  Whether you need help with simply thinking through the predictive challenge or need us to guide you step by step, reviewing your results, providing another viewpoint, helping you craft the story, or integrating into your ecosystem, Squark Symmetry scales as you do. Your success is our success.

Squark Symmetry is the world’s best onboarding, training, and customer success program.

Squark Symmetry brings our business and machine learning experts to you as part of your license purchase.  Having helped some off the world’s largest companies create ML strategy and technology, we bring a team of resources that have taught advanced computer science, data science, and analytics courses at some of the world’s leading universities. They’ve even published and written books on the topic, and founded companies that helped to define the analytics industry.

As a result, our experts bring deep practical experience – that you can’t find elsewhere – from creating and deploying advanced analytical and machine learning systems from inception to production roll-out to support – and they bring contemporary research and academic theory to play as well.

Squark Symmetry is our way of guaranteeing your success – from business requirements, to data prep, to model creation and deployment to production, rollout, and support.

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