Squark Whitepapers

For Customer Loyalty Marketers

No Code Predictive Analytics, underpinned by AI and ML, is transforming loyalty data into immediate action. Learn in this whitepaper how Squark’s predictive power applies to loyalty marketers:

  • Predict churn and retention
  • Forecast future outcomes
  • Identify the next and future best offer
  • Score customer loyalty
  • Enhance promotional effectiveness
  • Drive increased CLV

For Marketing Teams

Marketers have long been among the most advanced in utilizing data to inform actions. The game has gotten more difficult with increased velocity of transactions and inundation of data. Learn how combining your existing talents in the art and intuition of marketing can be bolstered by advances in AI analytics that give you the advantage of data science without the data scientists:

  • Understand buyers and personae
  • Personalize journeys
  • Improve advertising ROI
  • Find more and higher ACLV leads
  • Shatter goals
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