Squark is No-Code Predictive Analytics

Squark’s No Code Predictive Analytics is Instant, Accurate, and Explainable

Squark® uncovers the Predictions Hidden in the Data You Already Have

Whether your data is in spreadsheets or in the cloud, Squark enables you to predict what will happen.  Simply connect your data to apply machine learning automatically. There is no code.  Click on what you want to predict and wait for the results.  Squark can:

º Predict how much will occur. This is called binary classification in data science. For example, which customers will churn?

º Predict which three or more things will occur. This is called multiclass classification.  For example, of all offers what offer do I send to each customer?

º Predict how much will occur. This is called regression. For example, predict the price to charge each customer or the number of impressions.

º Forecast how much will occur over time.  This is called time series analysis. For example, predict daily sales for the next 12 months.

º Find out what data is important to outcomes. Squark surfaces the data that causes outcomes in relative importance to other data.  For example, determine what specific categories and values contribute to your outcomes.

º Send predictions to other systems.  Send your results to other data sources to automate and power tomorrow’s digital transformations today.

Squark creates highly-accurate predictions—in minutes—with no programming.  Built for non-technical users to command the power of artificial intelligence to find out what will happen next in their business.


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Squark’s Models are Fully Explainable

Industry leading transparency at the dataset and row-level.  Models can be exported for code review and embedding into other systems and processes. An API is available.

Squark also explains which variables are most important to predictive results. After all, understanding why the model works is critical to knowing how it will perform with new data.

Squark’s Accuracy is Equal to or Better than with Custom Development Projects

Customer success stories show the power of Squark to generate profitable revenue and reduce cost. Remarkably, for the data scientists out there, we are happy to demonstrate our results on your existing datasets and to your benchmarks, even on Kaggle.

AI Power Now in the Hands of Business Users

Squark’s productivity breakthrough puts AI power into daily use and into the hands of the business. Finally, you see timely answers to predictive questions. Insights that were impossible using reports and traditional business intelligence tools are now clear. You did it all with your team and no code.

Reuse Over and Over Again to Maximize Your Return on Investment

As your use-cases and data changes, simply re-run Squark to get new predictions. Since Squark does not have per-use fees, you can build and run any number of projects and create as many predictions as you want as often as you like.

  • Fastest ROI
  • Easy for Business Users and Analysts
  • Load Data from Any Source
  • Scalable to Any Size Team
  • Models Use Latest and Best Data Science AI Algorithms
  • No Code, No Scripting, No Programming of Any Kind
  • No Software Installation or Maintenance
  • Can Be Integrated via API, Local Install
  • Automated Data Preparation and Feature Engineering
  • Automated Hyperparameter Tuning
  • Automated Machine Learning Modeling and Scoring
  • Row Level Predictions
  • Visual AI Explanations
  • Model Export for Machine Learning Operations
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