Operationalize Data Science Projects with Squark's API Microservice

Squarks REST API compliments and extends our no-code AI platform. The API enables programmatic control over Squark. Use the API to integrate the features and functions of our industry-leading AI capabilities into your architecture, application, or data workflows for MLOps and ModelOps.

Create, control, customize, and automate all aspects of your data science and analytics projects while leveraging the power of Squark’s no-code automated machine learning with augmented intelligence.

Integrate Squark’s Machine Learning AI Platform with Other Systems & Platforms

Customers start with Squark’s no-code interface. Some then move to use the API to create and deploy AI solutions that deeply integrate into their data architectures, including data mesh and data fabric. Reasons to consider the API model:

  • Integrate with other platforms, like Domo, Snowflake, or Azure.
  • Programmatically call any of Squark’s core components as endpoints, microservices or within your existing business processes, data pipelines, or applications.
  • Retrieve the results from any point in the process. For example, export training data after it has been feature engineered to compare against the original datasets and more. ”
  • Send API predictions and forecasts to other downstream systems in your AI pipeline to “AI at the Edge.”
  • Export the model code in Java or Python for deployment in other AI and big data systems.

Getting Started with Squark’s API

Enhance the existing systems and programs that you have spent time and money building with the power of Squark’s cutting-edge no-code platform run on our proprietary AI engine. Squark’s SDK documentation guides you through the process.
Developer Flows for Binary & Multi-Class Classification, & Regression, and Time Series Projects:
  1. Configuring the UI and Login
  2. Creating a Project
  3. Uploading a Training File
  4. Validating & Preprocessing Training Data
  5. Selecting the Variables
  6. Uploading the Production File
  7. Analyzing the Data
  8. Predicting and Scoring the Data
  9. Generating AI Explanations
  10. Exporting Data, Results, and Models
  11. Scheduling System Operations
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For complete access to the API Developers Guide, contact us at info@squarkai.com.

See How AI Powered Data Science and Decision Intelligence are Transforming Data

Squark is a no-code AI as a Service platform that helps data-literate business users make better decisions with their data. Squark is used across a variety of industries & use cases to uncover AI-driven insights from tabular and textual data, prioritize decisions, and take informed action. The Squark platform is designed to be easy to use, accurate, scalable, and secure.

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