Turning Churn into Customer Retention

Decisions are hardly ever random. Whatever drove your customer to decide to part ways with your company likely didn’t happen that day or even that week. The patterns are hidden in your existing data. When you identify the patterns, you can start turning churn into customer retention. 

Customer retention is new customer acquisition

Today, customers are looking for authenticity and flexibility, and there have never been more options for customers to choose from across both the B2C or B2B spaces. As a result, brands are having to reevaluate and redefine what customer loyalty looks like.

Where do they focus their retention efforts? Who is most loyal and doesn’t need extra prompting? Who is at risk but can be saved? Who should they not spend resources attempting to save?

The answers are already in the data. 

Humans can detect patterns but to a limited extent. Today’s companies have too much data for human brains to process quickly, efficiently, and accurately in a repeatable, scalable way. That is where data science comes into play.

New automated solutions, like Squark, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), make this kind of analysis and forecasting available to analytically inclined business users. 

The Squark Solution

Squark is a provider of no-code AI software for predictive customer analytics that is both powerful and affordable. Our solution does the work of a team of data scientists, in minutes.  

Results are delivered automatically in simple-to-understand visuals with summary explanations and predictive insights about which data is most relevant to the outcome. You can easily understand the what, and the why, of your predicted results.

Speaking of those customers who have churned … 

Squark’s automated predictive analytics solution can tell whom you have a high probability of winning back for customers who have churned.  According to the Harvard Business Review, “Simply identifying those who are the most likely to sign up again, rather than appealing to every defector, can increase win-back rates eightfold.” That sounds like a great second use case for your automated predictive analytics solution. 

Ready to see how quickly and easily you can stop churn and boost your team’s impact on the business? Sign up today for a free demo.

Download the full white paper, Predictive Analytics for Turning Churn into Retention with No-Code AI

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Squark no-code AI SaaS platform is the most flexible, fastest, and easy-to-use automation of AI on the planet.  Use clicks (not code) to automatically find AI-insights in the data you already have. Prioritize decisions and know what actions to take using any data from any system. Drive growth and expansion by forecasting customer outcomes over time, understanding attribution & media mix, predicting lifetime value, and improving retention .  Squark’s no-code AI is as simple and easy-to-use as a spreadsheet. It’s built for analysts yet our award-winning software is more powerful, accurate, scalable, and feature-rich than many other AI systems deployed in business today.  

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