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Unlocking the Power of AI: 5 Ways to Enhance Customer Experience and Drive Revenue in Gaming

Executive understanding of how AI enhances marketing, operations, and the player experience is necessary for competing in today’s rapidly changing gaming industry.  Whether you are working in online gaming, digital gaming, fantasy, sportsbooks or offline casinos, figuring out how to create value with AI is more critical than ever. Gaming companies that power their marketing with AI realize significant competitive advantage growing and expanding in new and existing markets. Here are some ways we are seeing impact the gaming industry:

  • Personalized Gameplay. Squark analyzes customer data and creates personalized gameplay experiences for players. By understanding players’ preferences and behavior, games can be tailored to suit individual players, leading to increased engagement and satisfaction. For example, a mobile game could use Squark to suggest in-game items or levels based on a player’s past behavior.
  • Anti-Cheating. Cheating is a major issue in online gaming and can negatively impact player experiences. Squark detects cheating behaviors and prevent them before they cause harm. For example, Squark could analyze gameplay data and identify patterns that suggest cheating, such as unrealistically high scores or impossible actions.
  • Predictive Analytics. Squark analyzes customer data and make predictions about player behavior. This can help game developers make more informed decisions about game design, marketing, and customer support. For example, a game studio could use Squark to analyze player data and predict which features or updates would be most popular.
  • Customer Support. Improve customer support by analyzing customer data and identifying common issues with AI. Help support teams provide more efficient and effective solutions. For example, a gaming company could use Squark to analyze support tickets and identify the most common problems, then create targeted solutions to address those issues.
  • Revenue Optimization. Optimize revenue by analyzing customer data and identifying opportunities for monetization, which leads to increased revenue without negatively impacting the customer experience. For example, a gaming marketer could use Squark to analyze purchase patterns and identify which items or features are most popular, then offer targeted promotions to drive sales.

AI’s many use-cases in gaming improve player experiences, drive revenue, and reduce costs. By leveraging the power of automated AI l technology, gaming companies can create personalized experiences, prevent cheating, make data-driven decisions, improve customer support, and optimize revenue. Check out our blog, and please reach out to us if you’d like to learn more.

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