NLP to Understand the Text in Your Business

What is NLP? 

NLP stands for Natural Language Processing. NLP is used to understand the impact of the text, words, and phrases in your business data. It is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) where computers learn to understand words and sentences (syntax and semantics) and their impact on business outcomes. 

Detecting Patterns in Your Data

AI, or more specifically, Machine Learning (ML), detects patterns in data faster and more thoroughly than most humans are capable of doing. For NLP, the algorithms analyze the text and find the words and phrases associated with driving or detracting from your desired outcome. Businesses are using this technology as a piece of their overall predictive analytics strategy to understand past data, make future projections, and optimize operations.

Use NLP to Understand: 

  • Notes in your Salesforce or HubSpot records
  • Emails from customers
  • Comments in online reviews
  • Marketing copy performance across email, ads, press releases, social posts, and more
Then Convert that Understanding to Action:
  • Predict the likeliness of an account to close.
  • Automatically determine the best customer success representative to handle the incoming email based on the language in the email.
  • Analyze online reviews to determine recommendations for future customers (and your product team).
  • Get ahead of A/B testing. Predict which language will lead to more engagement and conversions at the individual, segment, or overall level. 

Getting started with NLP no longer requires a data scientist with specialty skills or programming knowledge to use complex platforms. Squark’s no-code platform has unique and proprietary features and functionality to automatically apply NLP to the data connected, including a world-class ability to tell you exactly what words and phrases influence your business outcomes. 

Takeaway: Today’s AI technology allows you to use NLP to understand the impact of the text in your business, predict future outcomes, drive desired results, and improve overall communication with your customers.

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