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What are AI-Personalized Conversion Paths?

Personalized conversion paths provide a tailored and individualized experience for each customer.  Important to marketers, personalized paths help increase customer engagement, likelihood to buy, satisfaction, and ultimately lead to higher conversion rates.

AI-personalized conversion paths enable an organization to make sense of large (and small) amounts of customer data to predict, classify, and forecast conversion outcomes. Patterns and trends can be detected by AI and used to identify the optimal treatment of a customer across the lifecycle.  In fact, AI can help you understand the importance of specific events in your conversion path.  For example, below are questions that can be answered with AI across a simple 4-step conversion path:

  • Acquisition.  What offer should I send to prospects? Why will the respond to this offer? When?
  • Behavior. Will a prospect engage with our content (such a landing page)? What elements of the user experience are most important for engagement?
  • Conversion. Will they buy? What will they buy? When will they buy?
  • Retention. Who will churn? Why? When? How do I reduce churn?

Marketing and overall business success increases by making predictions about what types of offers or experiences are likely to be most effective for segments and for individual customers. By using AI, marketers can create personalized conversion paths that are tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each customer, increasing the chances of a successful conversion.  Click here to talk with an expert to learn how Squark helps marketers deliver improved conversion paths.

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