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Data-Centric AI focuses on improving the data used to answer a business question or solve a problem versus changing the algorithm or writing new code. The idea of “data centricity” implies multiple techniques beyond “human in the loop” machine learning – where humans label or curate datasets.

Squark automatically applies codeless Data-Centric AI techniques to your data – the only human needed is you.  Our intelligent connectors automatically connect to your important data across different sources.  Your data is then cleaned, prepared, transformed, enriched, engineering to create new data from the relationships in it and from other sources.

Data-centric techniques are used and then Squark’s powerful AI algorithms identify what decisions to make and tell you what actions to take.  You’re in the loop, knowing what to do when and why. Your teams are more productive. You’re saving time and making more money with Squark.

Squark’s automatic data-centricity provides decision intelligence that will help you deliver better business outcomes by getting to results and reaching goals faster. Click here to see Squark’s data centric AI in action.

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Squark is a no-code AI as a Service platform that helps data-literate business users make better decisions with their data. Squark is used across a variety of industries & use cases to uncover AI-driven insights from tabular and textual data, prioritize decisions, and take informed action. The Squark platform is designed to be easy to use, accurate, scalable, and secure.

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