Responsible AI

The potential of AI to improve people’s lives, both personally and professionally, is enormous. However, there is also a concern about possible inadvertent or negative impacts, which is why Squark is committed to the practices of responsible AI in the development and deployment of our technology. 

Squark’s leaders, experts, and engineers stay up-to-date on the latest technologies as well as the latest thought leadership for what constitutes responsible AI and how best to execute it. We take on that role so you can be sure that your results are accurate, actionable, and generated responsibly.

Here are the principles we are following to maintain responsible AI:

⚖️  Fairness: 

AI systems should treat all people fairly. Machine learning algorithms detect patterns in the data. They do not carry the same kind of cognitive bias that humans have, but ours can impact them, so we have to work to make sure that they are not tainted by our own. 

There are two ways bias can enter into results. The first is through the design of the algorithm, and Squark is constantly working to make sure those algorithms do not get included in our platform. The second, more common way for bias to get introduced is through tainted, incomplete, undersampled, or oversampled training data. The latter is something we should all be actively thinking of and working toward reducing or eliminating from our data sets. 

🌟 Transparency and Explainability: 

People should be able to understand the behavior of AI systems, so they have trust and confidence in the results.

Squark uses noble-prizing winning mathematics. It goes beyond traditional attribution and contribution analysis approaches to understand why AI models and predictions are generated. The analysis and results are displayed in easy-to-understand tables so the user can always feel confident in how the AI arrived at the results. 

🔒 Privacy and Security: 

Privacy and security within AI mean protecting both an individual’s data and how it is used and a company’s confidential data.

Squark takes privacy and security very seriously. You can read more about it on our product page or speak to one of our experts

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Don’t Lose the Human: 

AI should be designed with the human user in mind. The user should be the one driving and getting value from the AI system.

Squark was not built to be a tool to replace data scientists. The tool does not require specialized data science knowledge to successfully execute and understand the results of projects. However, another section of reports is designed for data scientists who want to use Squark as a supplement. In either scenario, Squark is an augmented intelligence tool meant to enhance the intelligence of the person doing the analysis.

Responsible AI is an actively evolving topic. Our team at Squark is dedicated to the continued practice of responsible AI and will continue to update our practices.

To speak to one of our experts to learn more about Squark’s responsible AI and see a demo in action, click here.

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