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The new Squark site is here. It’s a small step in our ongoing journey into 2021. If you are wondering why we changed the site, perhaps you hadn’t seen the old one? ? More seriously, when we created Squark 2 years ago, we went with a disruptive idea: anyone can use AI. The everyday business-person should be able to click to apply “AI” to the data at their fingertips and in their systems. “AI “didn’t need to only be a global strategy nor under the full control of specialized data science teams. Every business user should be able to command their own AI to answer the predictive questions that matter to them, without waiting, without code, and without complexity.

This formative idea envisioned years ago was about pure predictive horsepower and making AI as simple as a spreadsheet. Anyone should be able to find out not only what will happen next, but understand why. AI should be transparent, explainable, integratable, scalable, and simple to use. That produced results that could stand rigorous scientific validation.

We’ve achieved that vision for customers that have ranged from the Fortune 100 to corporate to SMB. However, in doing so, Squark went to market like a BI tool. We sold and applied our software broadly across applications and industries. Thus, our old site presented that Squark was a broad capability and described the “what” and the “how.”

As we grew, we learned a lot about how people were using Squark. They discovered customer insights and used that to predict what may happen in the future – across the entire customer journey. Squark was predicting everything from awareness to retention and lifecycle steps in between. Our customers were thrilled, doing work they never could do before, finding answers, making decisions, and most importantly, driving value.

Without the help of programmers or data scientists, business people were successfully using Squark to inform business decisions with AI-based predictions in ways they only dreamed of. We were told things like “[this is] “monstrously amazing software” and “you did in minutes what we couldn’t do with our data science team in a year.” Customers were integrating Squark to power automated decisions. Customers were keeping our SaaS as they re-platformed out their legacy BI and analytics vendors! We even noticed channel partners rolling out copycat products to try to take our customers. While that didn’t work for them, it let us know we were really onto something! So we built out more features to make Squark even more powerful, including:

  • A redesigned user interface with new connectors for point and click ingestion of data from Google, Salesforce, Microsoft, Snowflake, HubSpot, and more.
  • Additional AI capabilities such as automated time series forecasting, more AI explainability that identifies what data influences outcomes across the data set and for each record making Squark easy to use, accurate, and transparent.
  • Powerful enhancements such as increased feature engineering and selection, new Natural Language Processing, including automation of Google Bert, model code export in python, java, hd5, and more, enhanced integration via an extended open API, docker, Kubernetes, or lambda, and new speed and scale, including GPU deployments.

We kept focusing on our customers and their use-cases and tying back to finding out what customers want to learn and predict. What mattered to them (not only to us). From our automated data prep (why buy another tool?), to our powerful AI explainability (which will make competitors blush), to our powerful set of intelligent connectors of data discovery, to our approach to AI explainability within our grand automation, Squark delivers. The new site communicates not only who Squark is for but also “why” and to “what value.” This messaging targets our specific audience: customer marketers and customer success professionals who want to maximize revenue.

We call it “Squark for Predictive Customer Insights.” Now, does that mean that’s all Squark is “for?” No, you will learn more about how Squark is applied “for” different contexts later this year. Just keep an eye on the site. ?

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Squark is a no-code AI as a Service platform that helps data-literate business users make better decisions with their data. Squark is used across a variety of industries & use cases to uncover AI-driven insights from tabular and textual data, prioritize decisions, and take informed action. The Squark platform is designed to be easy to use, accurate, scalable, and secure.

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